Do you see what is hiding in this seemingly normal picture of a bunch of rocks? I have to admit, it took me a little while to see it myself.

This beautiful piece of art was created by Johannes Stötter, a self-taught, Italian born artist who specializes in realistic body painting masterpieces. He has many other projects to his name, but many people agree that his Tropical Frog portrait is the most confounding and beautiful.

One could never tell Stötter was self-taught if they look at the absolute beauty and complete mastery of his pieces.

Now that you know this is a body art piece, it might be easier to see the person camouflaged in the rocks.

Take a look at the whole picture. Can you see her?

rock picture

Many people have an easier time spotting her if they start at the bottom of the picture.

Stötter is also a musician. He sings and plays the violin in a Celtic Folk Band called Burning Mind. He presently teaches at the World Bodypainting Academy, participates in the World Bodypainting Festival (WBF) and displays his wonderful painting skills at art exhibits all around the world.

To see more of his work, check out his gallery of pictures!

You will not be disappointed!

(h/t: Can You See It Now?)
Image Source: Johannes Stötter Art