Most people love hugs. They fill a person with joy and happiness. Hugging is actually one of the four things people can do to make their lives happier.

However, nothing is more special than a simple hug from a loved one.

Just a simple embrace is all I need to help my heart slow down and to steady my blood pressure.

Author, David Tumarinson, gives a brief description of what happens when a man hugs a woman below.

Read and enjoy!

“When a man silently comes up from behind and hugs a woman, He closes a circle. His and her circle. This is a circle of tenderness, warmth, and protection. And he places a woman right into the middle of this passionate circle. He thereby unintentionally shows that in this particular moment, she is the center of his universe. A man is holding a woman in silence. A woman is staying silent, too. She feels the warm currents emanating from these hot and peaceful hands.

“When a man hugs a woman, She feels like she has wings, and she can fly. This circle of love is calm and cozy. This silent tenderness makes her melt like a sugar cube in a cup of tea. Who is she now, standing in the center of his smoldering circle?

“What does she feel? Who is she in this moment?

“Is she a woman, or a girl? Does she feel loved, or


is she doing the loving? Does a light blanket of silence cover the woman’s shoulders and hide her thoughts from the man…or maybe nothing is hidden in this private circle? After all, he’s just holding her, protecting her from the outside world that is so cold and lonely. But in his arms it is warm and comfy. These arms are her protection and tranquility. It is everything a woman unknowingly looks for, waits for and hopes for…”

What do you think? Who are you going to hug tonight?

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