Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones – the “happily ever after” couples that magically connect forever. But for most of us, if we want that love to grow into the happiest relationship, we have to work at it.

Starting a new relationship is always fun and exciting. But after a while, those butterflies often fade. You get comfortable around your new partner and you get caught up in a routine. In order to keep things fun and exciting, you have to be willing to put some effort into the relationship. Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship can help you and your partner withstand the test of time.

Here are seven habits for the happiest relationship ever:

1. Show Your Partner Admiration And Gratitude

Never assume that your partner knows how much you appreciate them. Instead, assume that they don’t. Do something little each day to show them how much they mean to you. Make them breakfast in bed, clean the ice off of their windshield before work or tuck a note instead their bag. Remind your partner just how much you adore and appreciate them on a regular basis.

happiest relationship

2. Pay Attention To Your Partner’s Wants And Needs

Compromise is a big part of being in a relationship. Without it, the two of you will never last. While your wants and needs are important, so are your partner’s. Don’t try to make all of the decisions in your relationship. Talk things out, alternate choosing a spot for date night and keep communication open. It’s important to acknowledge your partner’s wants and needs in your relationship. By the same token, don’t give too much of yourself. Love isn’t ever one-sided.

3. Be Careful With Your Words

After you’ve said something, it’s impossible to take it back. A thousand “sorry’s” might not be enough to make your partner move on from hurtful words. If you’re angry, know when to walk away. It’s best to cool down until the two of you can talk things out calmly and rationally. Don’t hurl insults at your partner to make a point or get a rise out of them. It might lead to the end of your relationship.

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4. Respect Your Partner

Every healthy relationship is built on mutual respect. Respect your partner for who they are. Pay attention to their feelings and opinions. Even if you don’t agree with them, it’s important to respect how they feel. Respecting them often extends to respecting their friends and family members as well.

5. Don’t Fall Into A Routine

It’s all too easy to fall into a routine, especially when your life is a little hectic. Keeping a pizza and movie night tradition on Thursday’s is perfectly OK. But it’s also important to change things up. Make an effort to surprise your partner every once in a while to keep the spark alive.

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6. Make Memories Together

Just because you don’t have the time or money for a tropical vacation, that doesn’t mean you can’t make memories together. Try a new restaurant for dinner, go on a road trip, try paddle-boarding or take a hike together. Sometimes the smallest and most inexpensive experiences end up making for the best memories!

7. Spice Up Your Love Life

Keeping that flame lit means making an effort to keep the romance alive. Leave your partner little notes, plan a secret date night or fill the room with candles and rose petals. Show your partner how much they mean to you by keeping your emotional and romantic connection strong and exciting. A little unconditional love also goes a long way.

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