Are you a generous person? Does this make you happy? Or do you feel that maybe you give too much – of your things and of yourself.

Being generous is a wonderful trait to have, but sometimes, it can be draining. When you genuinely care about the happiness of others, it’s easy to lose sight of your own happiness. There is such a thing as giving too much. You may have the best intentions, but if you’re not careful, you’ll end up losing yourself by being overly generous to others.

Here are seven signs that you give too much:

1. You Feel Like You’re Being Manipulated

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you’re being manipulated, you probably are. Someone who is manipulating you might say things to trigger your guilt in order to get what they want. Trust your gut instincts and know that it’s time to cut back.

manipulated give too much

2. Your Help Is Unsustainable

If your giving has gotten to the point where you no longer have resources left for yourself, there’s a problem. If your own physical or mental health, self-respect or financial well being is suffering, you’re giving too much.

3. Your Relationships Have Suffered

While healthy generosity may allow relationships to flourish, unhealthy giving can cause relationships to deteriorate. When the balance is off, one or both of you may have feelings of resentment, guilt or regret which can causes conflict and hurt in the relationship.

relationship give too much

4. You’re Enabling Someone

If your giving is enabling someone else’s poor behavior, it’s time to take a step back. Allowing someone else to remain physically unhealthy, irresponsible or fully dependent on you isn’t doing anyone any good in the long run. If you’re enabling, you’re giving too much.

5. You Feel Like You’re Being Taken Advantage Of

It might take a while to realize when someone is taking advantage of you, but the second you understand what’s going on, break it off. Someone who uses your kindness and generosity for their own personal gain is not someone you want in your life.

fatigue give too much

6. Your One-Time Offer Has Turned Into A Long-Term Obligation

Being generous once can lead to a vicious cycle for those who want to abuse your kindness. If your one-time helpful offer has somehow turned into a long-term obligation that you didn’t intend to create, remind yourself that you did not commit to anything long-term, and you have every right to walk away. Don’t give too much and undermine your value.

7. You’re Constantly Sacrificing Something

If you are constantly sacrificing your own happiness in order for others to be happy, you’re giving too much. Caring about other people is a wonderful thing. But taking care of yourself is just as important.

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