Hard-boiled eggs. I like them, and my kids love them! However, I admit that until recently I had no clue whether I was boiling them correctly. Sometimes they would come out great, and at other times the egg whites stuck to the shell and I ended up losing half the egg to the trash.

I want my hard-boiled eggs because they are so healthy!

They are packed full of protein and nutrients, and they don’t affect blood cholesterol. They reduce the chance of heart disease, improve eye health, and they may also reduce the risk of a stroke.

As another plus, my daughter can eat a local, farm fresh, hard-boiled egg in the morning and I know she will have what she needs to start the day right. (She is a bit of a picky eater.)

But that brings us back to the problem of properly hard-boiled eggs.

Well, Lo Bosworth, from the International Culinary Center, has us covered in the short video below. She uses vinegar and an ice bath to make sure her eggs come out perfect every time.

Check it out!

I’m hard-boiling some eggs! How about you?