An Internet search on google for David Avocado Wolfe will quickly yield a hit-piece article on me entitled “David Avocado Wolfe is the Biggest Asshole in the Multiverse” written by the Yvette d’Entremont, the so-called SciBabe, the face of scientism.

scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe Yvette d’Entremont SciBabe

[Sorry, Yvette, but I’m full of Love, Happiness, and Appreciation for life and for plants, animals, and people. You, apparently, are full of profanity and toxicity.]

This article Ms. d’Entremont wrote is clearly a hit (hate) piece designed to destroy the way people perceive me when searching Google and also to slander me into silence with hidden threats of more hit-pieces. It was created and written by Yvette, posted by a failing magazine named Outline and likely celebrated by Yvette’s openly admitted allies, which includes Monsanto (manufacturer of carcinogens such as Agent Orange, DDT, glyphosate, aspartame, saccharin, etc.).

Yvette d’Entremont SciBabe scientism David Avocado Wolfe

[Image: Yvette d’Entremont: Sponsored by Monsanto]

To those who are ready to learn and understand the crises facing humanity, Yvette’s vicious article presents numerous attacks and presuppositions that expose an underlying religious fanaticism, yet not the kind we are normally used to: Radical Islam, Christian fundamentalism, Orthodox Judaism, etc. This type of religious fundamentalism comes under another extreme (which ultimately is the same: just as the radical right and radical left are ultimately the same tyranny).

We have come to learn that this other extreme — the extreme of scientism — is a persistent and ever-growing social problem that endangers the entire earth and its peoples, just as radical religious bigotry and zealotry have endangered the lives of innocent human beings for centuries. This is a relatively new type of religious fundamentalism of which Yvette is only a symptom.

What Is Scientism?

Scientism is a series of materialistic mechanistic atheistic beliefs, including the Big Bang, the theory of evolution, the survival of the fittest, the medical pill for every ill theory, the cut-burn-medicate theory, the concept of better living through chemistry, the idea that the government has to protect you from “unscientific” approaches to health and healing, the idea that corporate chemicals are safe until proven harmful — amongst many other mental constructs that are considered to be all unquestionable facts — instead of what all these actually are: theories.

For example: the survival of the fittest is a tautology. Who survives? The fittest. Who are the fittest? The ones who survive! Survival of the fittest can be used to explain any set of survival data and is in no way scientific nor predictive. Those who believe these theories are facts are religiously opposed to looking at contrary scientific evidence — in fact, they exclude it!

Lovers of Freedom, pay close attention. This is important. This article will help you understand where our civilization is heading. The SciBabe Yvette d’Entremont is a symptom of a much bigger and ongoing crisis. A long overdue rebuttal to this woman’s vicious hate speech is due — and this article is that and addresses that — yet digs much deeper into the true causes of the continuing and growing illness and infertility epidemics that we as an environmental and wellness community hope to avoid. Yet we will inevitably and unknowingly be unable to avoid such growing danger unless we identify the real underlying challenge that faces us and take evasive action.

What I thematically lay out in this article is what I perceive we are, as a civilization, truly dealing with. And that is this: the hyper materialist, atheistic, mechanistic religion of scientism. It has taken me my entire life of studying, reading, and learning to understand scientism as a religion — a fanatical set of belief systems using Science as a shield to disguise corruption in Science and a distortion of The Scientific Method.

Let’s take a look at Science

Science is not to be confused with scientism. Science and scientism are deliberately obfuscated — they are purposefully confused. Think about it:  in order to participate in Science these days, you need to belong to this club and that club, you have to believe in this and that, you have to have this educational degree and that university degree. Even if you have all of the above (as I do) and disagree with scientism’s beliefs (because your own experiments or analysis of experiments prove otherwise), then your Science is “not credible” or it is “unscientific” or it is “pseudoscience” or something is wrong with your education or you didn’t actually have those degrees or whatever excuse they can come up with in order to avoid facing contrary evidence.

Science and scientism are distinctly different, even opposed, ways of looking at the world. Scientism comes with a large volume of mechanistic materialistic beliefs. These beliefs are held in place by excluding contrary scientific evidence or simply ignoring contrary evidence. Meanwhile, the Science I know and love, and was educated to defend and utilize as a tool of learning, has nothing to do with “belief systems” and “excluding evidence.” Unfortunately, fundamentalist beliefs and exclusion of valuable data has become the norm today. So we lost Science and now have scientism.

Typical in its arrogance, scientism foists up such terms as “scientific consensus” or “settled science,” which are really cleverly disguised belief systems that limit investigation, choice, scientific freedom, medical freedom, in fact… freedom in general.

One thing we know about Science is that the Science opinion of today will not be the Science opinion of tomorrow. Scientific opinion or scientific consensus will change as a simple review of the history of scientific inquiry demonstrates.

scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe

Scientism zealots, like SciBabe, are so deep into scientism, they are so consumed by it, they do not even understand or cannot comprehend other points of view, such as how someone can be a Christian or Hindu and still be a scientist, or how homeopathy or acupuncture could possibly work, or how anyone would dare question the pill-for-every-ill theory. To them scientism is the only way, and everyone else is just stupid at best or at worst a heretic. Sounds a lot like religious fundamentalism, doesn’t it?

So is there a problem with Scientism?

What we are up against is religious fanaticism disguised as Science. In fact, we never got rid of religious fundamentalism by becoming scientific. Dogmatic scientism has now hijacked much scientific inquiry: certain questions are allowed; others are not. This system demands that certain scientific assumptions are not to be looked at again or questioned because “the science has been settled.”

Well, folks, the history of Science dictates that no Science is ever settled. Scientism is like a fanatical religion that dictates that Science needs belief systems and needs to stop questioning. The hallmark of Yvette d’Entremont as both an unknowing victim of her religion and also as a promoter of scientism is, in fact, UNSCIENTIFIC THINKING.

Yes, scientism (or much of what passes as Establishment Science today) has actually become unscientific. Scientism no longer demands rigorous evaluation of its assumptions or its results. In fact, it does not want you checking up on those assumptions or their results because that might expose errors or even a corporate agenda behind those errors. Consider the scientific case against scientism’s genetically modified organisms and food: Institute for Responsible Technology – State of Science Review.

As I was taught by rational and sane scientists in my education, real Science has no agenda nor belief systems and uses The Scientific Method as a tool of exploration into our world. Science is a way of knowing; however, it is not the only way of knowing!

Other ways of knowing include:

  • Experience
  • Intuition
  • Instinct
  • Feelings
  • Spiritual impulses
  • Synchronicity
  • Learning/Studying
  • Contemplation/Meditation
The Tools of Scientism

Scientism, with its heavy bias of materialism and hyper-rationality, is absolutely opposed to any of these. To the devout followers of scientism, only The Scientific Method may be used to investigate our reality — unless the results of using The Scientific Method go against scientism’s assumptions, then such results are thrown out as “pseudoscience”! Consider Yvette d’Entremont’s advocacy of eating more pesticides and synthetic chemicals, even when growing numbers of scientists and doctors are recommending reducing exposure to pesticides and synthetic chemicals.

scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe

Even the echo chamber of peer review, the supposed sacred cow of scientism, is loaded with errors. Last year an open-source cancer journal retracted 107 studies due to fraudulent peer review.

Yvette d’Entremont SciBabe scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe

[Image: Yvette d’Entremont calls herself the “SciBabe”]

Just think of how many vaccines are injected into children when no vaccines have ever met the pharmaceutical standard of safety. Vaccinations have never been tested in double-blind, randomized studies with a control group of unvaccinated children. These types of safety and efficacy studies should be done a hundred times a year all over the world, but they are not. Consider the problems with vaccines: To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate.

Part of scientism is the inability to contemplate long-term consequences of scientific actions and assumptions. Within our corrupt governing bureaucracies today, more often than not, anything made by scientism (Corporate Science) is inevitably stamped and approved by the system to be safe until proven harmful. Consider the recent $289 million judgment against Monsanto due to glyphosate causing cancer.

Glyphosate: 40 years on the market and approved by governing bureaucracies as safe. Nothing was done about the problems created by Monsanto’s glyphosate until it was too late. This type of scientism thinking dominates today.

How many chemicals are in use now that 40 years from now they will find out are carcinogenic? See what I mean? Scientism fanatics don’t. They don’t get it.

Scientism wants to stop investigations into sources of disease and infertility caused by their runaway artificial chemicals; hence the attacks on Vani Hari (aka The Food Babe), on Dr. Mercola, on myself, and on others trying to stop the absolute poisoning of our food and water supply. Yvette d’Entremont even admitted that she was paid by Gawker Media for an “all-encompassing take down” of Vani Hari.

Is that what her article “David Avocado Wolfe is the Biggest Asshole in the Multiverse” was designed for? An “all-encompassing take down” of David Wolfe? Who put her up to it? Who thinks like this?

To the devout, scientism can do no wrong, and whether it is impending doom or hell or high water, it is better living through chemistry until the end; it doesn’t matter who dies, becomes infertile, suffers from cancer, has birth defects, or becomes developmentally disabled.

19 Synthetic Chemicals That Are Linked To Cancer, Asthma & Autism

No longer can we protect our nation, state, counties, towns, villages, or families. One by one they all have fallen victim to scientism’s massive unscientific experiments on innocent populations. Take water fluoridation, for example, long proven to be (at best) too controversial and at worst dangerously toxic. Consider that entire nations have banned fluoride in the water supply due to the problems it poses.

Can we counter Scientism?

Now it is all the way down to you as an individual. You have to protect yourself first — even before you can help your child. And there is only one way to protect yourself now: nourish, cleanse, and especially, detoxify your body from the runaway artificial chemicals of civilization. Basically, start filtering what is coming at you in air, food, and water, or you yourself will become the filter!

What does the SciBabe say about all this? No matter how many cancer deaths, no matter how poor medicine is at healing chronic and/or degenerative disease, no matter how poor mainstream medicine is at treating and healing Lyme’s disease, and no matter how bizarre are the medical assumptions (e.g., that a pill can cure every ill), scientism clergy like SciBabe will deny that runaway Science corruption has anything to do with the problem. They will just deny it. Ignore it. EXCLUDE it. For what reason? Because it is “unscientific” of course. No matter how many contrary scientific citations you show these people, they will simply tell you that you are a pseudoscientist.

cognitive dissonance scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe Yvette d’Entremont SciBabe

Take Note: A dangerous inversion has occurred in our world. Scientism rules now, with its rules. And God help those who oppose the high priests of scientism.

Attack of the SciBabe

Yvette d’Entremont or the SciBabe is a science popularizer or more accurately a “scientism” popularizer — a priestess for scientism. She studied chemistry yet portrays herself as an expert on medicine, nutrition, GMOs, food safety, vaccines, etc. Apparently, she herself is guilty of what she claims I and others do (such as wandering outside of my field of nutrition) as she vies to position herself as a Defender of the Faith.

Her habit of calling herself the SciBabe may derive from her ongoing hostility toward the beautiful food activist Vani Hari (aka Food Babe). Her moniker also indicates a Narcissistic personality disorder that demands self-aggrandizement and the use of profanity to insult others not “as good” nor “as scientific,” as she apparently positions herself to be. I bet if we hosted a double blind crossover control study on Yvette herself, we would come to the scientific consensus that she is not a babe. And that what she espouses is not Science, but pure scientism. The wicked witch of scientism is a better love handle for this woman.

scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe Yvette d’Entremont SciBabe

[Image: Yvette d’Entremont: The Wicked Witch of Scientism]

Yet with a smug religious certainty, she is ready to attack organic foods and products, veganism, special healing diets, natural healing therapies (chiropractic, herbs, electronic medicine, etc.), as well as organic health advocates, such as Food Babe Vani Hari, Dr. Mercola, myself, and all those who feel many more healing and lifestyle choices should be available to everyone.

Yvette and her allies are unfortunately caught in the old paradigm that in order for them to feel good about their lives, they have to slander, insult, and hurt others. And this somehow is going to help with the healing of sick people. They don’t get the contradiction.

With that foundation, let’s now journey through this hit (hate) piece on me, and I’ll show you what I mean (pun intended: as you are going to see how mean Yvette is and the pain she must be in to be so venomous). Hopefully, you will begin to see the picture: materialist mechanistic scientism is not Science. It has parasitically hijacked Science with fanatical belief systems run by hate groups and greedy control-freak organizations. It is leading humanity towards more pollution, chronic illness, violence, sickness, war, corruption, epidemics of infertility, and inevitably into continuing and devastating environmental catastrophes. This will continue until humanity realizes that mechanistic materialism will not solve humanity’s and the Earth’s problems but, in fact, will make them worse and worse.

Somehow Yvette believes progress will be made by an extremely foul-mouthed vocabulary demonstrated by her swearing in almost every paragraph of her article.

She makes statements as if she knows everything there is to know on God’s Green Earth. Clearly another bias of scientism: absolute arrogance. Scientism believes that everything is explainable and has already been explained. No magic left for anyone — no mystery. So let’s get on with our muggle reality.

In response to false claims

Yvette writes:

“Wolfe has stated that mushrooms arrived on our planet via the cosmic wind.”

I wrote about the scientific research on the electron density of the mushroom spore, which is nearly as dense as a metal and is capable of surviving high radiation and high altitudes, in my book Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms. I theorized that mushroom spores could have arrived from the heavens above based on the scientific evidence of mushroom spores found in air samples of the upper atmosphere and their electron density.

She goes on:

“He tells his followers vaccines are a conspiracy…”

I have informed my followers to read the vaccine ingredients (you should read them here) and to make informed choices first and foremost. Vaccine addicts like Yvette and other devout scientism fanatics believe that anything put into a vaccine is perfectly OK to inject into any human body no matter how toxic the substance might be and no matter the genetics of the person. A sampling of these vaccine ingredients include:

  • aluminum hydroxide
  • E. coli
  • sucrose
  • deoxycholate
  • kanamycin
  • Meningococcal (MenB – Trumenba) defined fermentation growth media
  • polysorbate 80
  • aluminum phosphate
  • histidine buffered saline MMR (MMR-II) chick embryo cell culture
  • WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts
  • fetal bovine serum
  • recombinant human albumin
  • neomycin
  • sorbitol
  • hydrolyzed gelatin
  • sodium phosphate
  • MMRV (ProQuad) (Frozen) chick embryo cell culture
  • MRC-5 cells
  • monosodium L-glutamate (MSG)
  • sodium phosphate dibasic
  • human albumin
  • potassium phosphate monobasic
  • neomycin
  • bovine calf serum
  • MMRV (ProQuad) (Refrigerator Stable) chick embryo cell culture, etc.

Sorry, I absolutely don’t want these chemicals injected into my body under any circumstances. I choose freedom instead.

The wicked witch of scientism writes: “He believes that chemtrails are real.”

Yes. Evidence shows that spraying of the atmosphere has been going on since at least Project Cirrus in 1948 and has even been admitted by numerous US government organizations including these:

Elevated levels of barium, strontium, aluminum, among other substances have been recorded in rains more and more in recent years, and these have been connected with weather modification patents. Yvette would have us ignore all this data as a “conspiracy.” Sorry, Yvette, I am a trained researcher and investigator. My training? I have 5 years of engineering school and 5 years of political science and 2 years of a Masters degree and 4 years of law school. I also have over 20 years of experience running my own businesses. I also have written 8 books. And yes, I am a scientism heretic: I do not go along with dismissive “conspiracy theory” insults. Deal with it.

It is OK to ask questions, Yvette. It is OK to suspect that we are being swindled by governments and supposed scientific organizations. It is OK to question. I know that is hard for you to take because you are in the back pocket of Monsanto and deeply love your atheistic religion and toxic lifestyle. I know you are hurt that Monsanto lost their $289 million legal case. I know you cannot accept that they have been poisoning the human population for decades as their $289 million judgment has now proven and which I have been saying for decades. As it turns out: You were WRONG and I was RIGHT. Not only was I right, but all those who have battled against glyphosate for decades were right, too.

Let me say that again: your Tin-Foil Hat New Age Guru was RIGHT and You—a perfect scientism priestess—were WRONG.

This foul-mouthed woman calls Superfoods (eaten by the world’s greatest civilizations for thousands of years) “market fuckery.” Nasty words. Disgusting actually. However, she says she is addicted to the chemical soup of Diet Coke.

The wicked witch of scientism then writes the following:

“I contacted all the schools that he alleges to have attended: Oxford University, the University of California-Santa Barbara, the University of San Diego, and the University of Integrated Science California. Oxford University confirmed via email that “a person named David Wolfe” did study there in 2012, attending a course open to the general public called “The Origins of Metaphysics in Pre-Socratic Philosophy,” but he did not complete it.”

Perhaps Yvette doesn’t know. I assume she never looked (which is typical of a poor researcher and religious fundamentalist), but “Oxford University” is actually a collection of dozens of Universities in Oxford, England. I attended Magdalen College at Oxford in 1995 as part of my law school training, which occurred at the University of San Diego, where I graduated with a law degree in 1998. But I never took the bar and decided to continue with my nutrition career instead.

I also graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1993 with degrees in Mechanical AND Environmental Engineering (that joint program was discontinued a year or two after I graduated). About my Masters in Nutrition at the University of Integrative Sciences, Yvette complains it’s “for profit.” Hmm… Every university I’ve ever attended was (and still is) for profit. At least they took my payments, paid their employees, and kept the doors open: looks like they were (and still are) making money.

Yvette writes about my long battle with Doug Harbison, a business partner who bought into my company in 2007 and whom we later found out was the son of Earle Douglas Harbison who ran Monsanto for 10 years! Of course, he never mentioned anything about his association with Monsanto until one of my employees found out, a year after all the troubles had started. The problems, double dealing, and sabotage this guy was involved in cost me 8 years of my life, psychological and emotional upheaval, and enormous troubles for my organic food business and the organic cause in general. This all eventually landed us in court where we finally came to an agreement to end the chaos. In court we found out that Doug Harbison was regularly, secretly consulting with his father, former CEO of Monsanto, while we were in business together. A coincidence?

The legal chaos also cost me lots of money, which Yvette says I “care very much about money and will go to great lengths to get it.” But of course, she doesn’t care about money. She’s too pious for that.

Let me be clear on this point: I have ALWAYS used my money to contract people in business all over the world who wanted to work in the natural, organic food and biodynamic food business. I have only twice ever invested big in stocks: Apple and Google. I won big on both. But I don’t deal with these stocks now nor the stock market anymore, as I am ethically opposed to Wall Street.

Today, I am a worldwide general contractor, as nearly all my businesses are virtual as I pay people all over the world. Whether it is a superfood supplier, a single mom, an artist, a family farmer, an Internet programmer, a farmer, etc.  So yes, I have made money. Yes, I have paid my people. Yes, I have used that money to run two organic farms (NoniLand is also now Biodynamically Certified) and plant trees.

What Yvette didn’t say anything about (because of the intense hate she has for me — whom she has never met) is that I have been responsible through my non-profit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (founded in 2002) for the planting of over 1,000,000 fruit, nut, and medicinal trees on the Earth. Check out what we do here for our Earth.


On Stealing Memes

It is OK to “steal” a quote by Albert Einstein or Voltaire. Sorry…no copyright on these. It is also OK to make mistakes. Sometimes someone’s art ends up on Google’s free images. If we find out we used that art and the artist contacts us, we remove it immediately. It is nearly impossible to find this out in advance. Sometimes, one of the artists that I contract out uses someone else’s image or idea. I reprimand them and put an immediate stop to this, but its difficult to stop this in advance every single time, although we do stop it in advance nearly every time! It’s just part of dealing with artists.

On Stealing Videos

Apparently Yvette has never watched the news. I can take a news item and show the footage of that item and tell the story different from another website or TV station. It is OK for websites, just like television news channels, to draw from the same sources. It has happened every day of our lives on the nightly news.

Yvette writes:

“Wolfe’s first book, Nature’s First Law The Raw Food Diet, published in 1996, appears to have been basically lifted from a little-known book on raw foods published in 1960 called Raw Eating, by the Armenian-Iranian scientist Arshavir Ter-hovannessian, also known as Aterhov.”

This isn’t MY first book, but was the product of three of our original crew (three of us, not just me) and credit was given on the FIRST PAGE.

Acknowledgment scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe

So Yvette yells plagiarism in her article then quietly writes that credit was given: “Wolfe, who wrote the book with two coauthors, was kind enough to include a small acknowledgement of Ter-hovannessian without directly citing any of the text that was very clearly lifted from his work.”

Typical of her characteristic aggressive-passive behavior. Plagiarism! But there was no plagiarism. Credit was given on the first page.

Even though credit was given, maybe it wasn’t clear enough; read it yourself. Is it clear? If not, I’ll take my 1/3 responsibility (there were three of us involved) for that mistake I made when I was 23. I’m 48 now. Somehow Yvette is too holy to make mistakes. So I am going to say to the rest of us mortals: it is also OK to make mistakes! It is OK to learn from mistakes. It is OK to be wrong and grow.

And she continues on in this article… slandering me for everything I’ve ever said that doesn’t fit into the scientism paradigm. You cannot talk about gravity apparently unless it is approved by the high priests of scientism. Any other thoughts are heretically abolished.

Healing Modalities

For example: Check out how self-righteous with scientism this woman is.

I wrote:

Homeopathic vaccinations and other alternatives could also be explored. Acupuncture and electronic medicine systems (zappers, rife machines, frequency generators, PEMF devices, biofeedback machines) are also gaining popularity due to their efficacy in producing health.”

Her response:

“Do I even have to tell you why using homeopathic vaccinations, aka sugar pills, to fight diseases like polio is a bad idea?”

Homeopathy is not sugar pills. Read up on the origins and practice of homeopathy and learn something outside your religion. Respect diverse religious beliefs and scientific discoveries. Drop your bigotry and help us support alternative forms of healing.

I’ve met hundreds of children that have never been vaccinated and who never contracted polio. I also know two people who got polio from the vaccine. I also know hundreds of parents whose children were seriously injured by vaccines, many of whom even won their case in vaccine court. About these people… Yvette doesn’t say anything at all. They will be excluded. Scientism is so good at excluding! How else can a fake world view be kept in place. Exclude any opposing evidence and call it:

  • Woo
  • Pseudoscience
  • Unscientific
  • Not Credible Science
  • Outside of Scientific Consensus
  • Quackery
  • Etc.

People are looking for medical and lifestyle alternatives to the “better living thru chemistry” paradigm and the “pill for every ill” story they are force-fed. What I am doing is showing them other avenues, other possibilities for healing and living. Sometimes people listen, and they are healed. Sometimes they listen and are not healed, and I learn and improve. Sometimes people turn to conventional medicine instead and are not healed. Sometimes they are. There are many factors involved in someone’s healing (Love being the most important on the list). Yet remember: medical science is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Therefore, it must be OK to look at other theories and non-scientism sanctioned Science. Yvette doesn’t want that and neither do the drug companies. No matter how many people die. Just think of the oxycontin-oxycodone debacle. Where is your outrage on the opiate epidemic, Yvette?

The opiate epidemic was created by pill-for-ill scientism and doctors and big pharmaceutical companies!! Where is your outrage? Why are you not protecting those innocent victims of scientism? They listened to their doctors. They took the pills prescribed and became dangerously addicted to opiates. In thousands of cases, their doctors’ advice and the pharmaceutical pills were…deadly. But you spend your time attacking homeopathy? And veganism?

It is OK to discover scams and hoaxes.

It is OK to believe hoaxes exist.

It is OK to believe that corruption exists.

It is OK to believe that organized crime exists.

It is OK to believe that government and government organizations lie.

It is OK to question…everything.

To Yvette d’Entremont: Are you a paid shill for Big Pharma and Big Chemical companies? Is that why there is no outrage?

To the People: Watch her actions. Study her advocacy. This woman doesn’t fight for you; she fights for the corporate broken system to stay in place — and she fights to eliminate even more choices from your menu.

You can see in her article that this wicked witch is absolutely in love with scientism and will not bend to ANY amount of evidence that is outside of her religious belief system. She writes:

“Wolfe has also promoted the specious line of thought that “Big Pharma” tries to keep people sick and covers up cures for major disease because there’s no money in a cure. So of course, he promotes his own bullshit cancer cures like…apricot pits, which he says can fight tumors because they contain a chemical compound called amygdalin.”

She obviously drank the Kool-Aid on that one. How many ER nurses do you know, Yvette? I grew up in that environment. A family of doctors. I went to medical trade shows as a 4 year old. What do you know about the medical world, Yvette? You’re a chemist — you don’t know anything about establishment medicine. I grew up in it. I saw the inside and the drugs and the addictions that eventually destroyed my family member’s lives. One of my best friends, Karen, is an ER nurse in the Palm Desert area of California, and I receive regular updates (usually daily) as to what kind of medical mistakes and medical insanity goes on in just that one hospital.

Do you monitor such things, Yvette? You must be after money or something, because such research wouldn’t pay, would it? Especially for a failed chemist who believes she knows everything about what works and what doesn’t in healing.

Do you know the story of amygdalen, vitamin B17, or laetrile? Check out investigative journalist, science writer, and whistle blower Ralph Moss in the documentary Second Opinion (written and directed by Erik Merola). Ralph Moss was shocked at how Sloan Kettering covered up the research of highly respected cancer scientist Kanematsu Sugiura when he demonstrated that laetrile significantly reduced the spread of lung cancer in mice. Check out what Dr. Mercola has compiled on the subject.

You will quickly discover that underneath the slander against alternative cancer treatments like injectable laetrile, a legitimate cancer therapy (laetrile) was covered up. And the cover story of the dangers of apricot pits and apple seeds continues to be reiterated over and over.

Because folks like Yvette who are completely enthralled with scientism and cannot and will not change (they are religious fundamentalists and fanatics), they will actively employ slander, fraud, poor research etiquette, etc., to try to make scientifically valid healing choices unavailable to you. They are philosophically/religiously opposed to it, although they say they are “scientifically” opposed to it. At this point in the article, I am sure you now understand the difference.

From this type of exclusionary behavior, you can see why it is important for all of us to get together and promote every form of healing outside of establishment medicine. The establishment systems want to eradicate legitimate healing treatments via slander, legislation-lobbying, and many other tactics. Pill-for-ill scientism wants to eradicate, dismiss, and/or denigrate the value of these alternatives:

  • chiropractic
  • homeopathy
  • acupuncture
  • diet therapies
  • positive thinking and visualization practices
  • meditation
  • yoga therapy
  • colonics-bowel cleansing
  • essential oils
  • nutrition supplements
  • detoxification protocols, etc.

No matter how poor the success rate of healing by establishment systems of mainstream medicine, scientism fanatics like Yvette will fight to stop medical freedom of choice. They think they know better than you. And that you are a child and need to be protected from “quacks” and “charlatans.” The sheer level of profanity and insults and attacks from these people tells you how crazy the entire situation really is.

Aldous Huxley scientism blog David Avocado Wolfe Yvette d’Entremont SciBabe

Yvette goes on:

This charlatan writes: “You can likely eat ‘raw’ chocolate and superfoods to your heart’s content and be fine, heck, you can probably even enjoy using The Zapper if you’re looking for a little thrill. The only thing you’re losing by buying into any of these things is your money. And your dignity. And self respect.”

In all my years, I never heard of someone losing their money, dignity, and self-respect from eating chocolate and superfoods or from using a zapper—which I am sure Yvette has never used nor ever even seen.*

* The belief that zappers don’t work is entirely a religious belief and not based on any experience or evidence. If you haven’t used a zapper consistently, you don’t know anything about it, including its efficacy.

Just look at how absurd and biased Yvette sounds in this statement:

“When these charlatans offer their cures for serious medical conditions like cancer, well, at best, their advice won’t work, and at worst, it will kill you.”

Scientism and Yvette have, of course, turned their back on cancer survivors, who come to me all the time. Those who were given up by the system, listened to a supposed “charlatan” (me), lived on and often even thrived more than ever before. Consider my friend Chris Wark and his 15 years of keeping stage 3a colon cancer in remission after surgery. He didn’t listen to the doctors’ demands for chemotherapy, and he’s still alive. Are you going to just exclude the now growing legions of these survivors who used integrative therapies (e.g., combinations of surgery, herbalism, and diet) to heal, or went as far as to avoid doctors and mainstream medicine entirely?

And what about preventing cancer in the first place by avoiding carcinogens such as glyphosate? Prevention of disease has been my main focus. And it works.

Memes again? Really?

Then in her article, the wicked witch of scientism lays into me on memes.

Let me tell you something, Yvette: Posting memes is about posting messages I care about. I post memes that foster thought. I post memes that engage the inner world of the reader. It doesn’t mean I believe the exact message. It doesn’t mean I live by the message. I often post contradictory messages and puzzles to get people to think more. It means that the message is interesting to me, often fascinating, and I want to pass it along to others. Somehow, these religious fanatics like Yvette get it in their minds that everything I post is a belief I have. Memes aren’t always correct, but then neither is the nightly news! Nobody can be 100% correct all the time, except for scientism of course! And people like Yvette who are always correct.

For the record, I am always moving away from the idea of “belief systems.” Consider this: How many beliefs have you had, that you later found out were incorrect? How many beliefs do you have right now that may later be proven by your life experience to be incorrect? How many people have you believed in, who later stabbed you in the back?

Instead of beliefs, I weigh probabilities instead. I look at all sides of the issue, even the scientism side.

It is OK for people to believe what they want without censorship or threats. People believing what they want is their right as free human beings. Free thinking will not destroy society. But what is already beginning to destroy our society? The millions of tons of environmental toxins that societies dump every year into the food, air, and water supply cause infertility and developmental disorders (again: all stamped as safe—until they aren’t—by scientism).

These people believe that better living through chemistry, genetic modification, and more electronics is the way to paradise, whether you believe it or not. They will fight you at all times to keep you from knowing what chemicals are in their genetically modified foods and contaminated water and air; then once you find out, they will deny it and say your research wasn’t credible Science.

As free people, we have no choice but to continue the Fight for Freedom and protect ourselves and our families by taking evasive action: organic clean eating with lots of fruits and vegetables, superfoods, superherbs, air and water purification in our home and work environments, electromagnetic field protection, and regular cleansing and detoxification of our bodies with seasonal fasting on juice and less food, along with detoxification agents such as charcoal and super charcoals so that we can stack the odds in our favor to prevent disease.

I will continue to work for your protection no matter how viciously scientism fanatics, maniacs, and trolls attack me and my family. And make no mistake about it, their next attack on me may not be as much upon me but upon my family, because scientism likes hitting below the belt.

We are up against vicious religious fundamentalists who have no idea that they are programmed to their own detriment, virtually assuring their own self-destruction, pain, infertility, and the destruction of innocent life, all while believing that they are promoting good and protecting “Science.”

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Look at scientism’s track record:

  • massive worldwide pollution products such as plastics and plasticizers
  • chronic chemical carcinogen exposure, alliances with military weapons (e.g., Monsanto’s Agent Orange)
  • corruption of real scientific inquiry with dogmatic belief systems (e.g., so that we have no rigorous yearly vaccine safety tests with unvaccinated control groups)
  • epidemics of infertility
  • continuing and devastating environmental catastrophes

These will continue until humanity realizes that scientism’s mechanistic materialism will not solve humanity’s and the Earth’s problems but, in fact, will make them worse and worse.

The Bright Side

In spite of all this, these zealots can still be woken from their trance! It is still possible to awaken the hearts and minds of even the most devout scientism promoters. It is worth it to continue to work thru love to help these people in spite of their hate and viciousness.

To You, Yvette, I know that Love can heal you. I know that you can get back on track by actually becoming a good witch of Science, instead of staying on the self-destructive path of scientism. It is obvious to many that you are unhealthy — in your pictures and videos you look sick and in need of help. I trust that you can use more soothing words and less insults in your vocabulary — as you are the one who suffers most from such speech. I hope you may find that place in your heart to love more and hate less; you will benefit and become healthier as a result.


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A Final Note:

Remember: scientism excludes! Therefore, scientism is not, and cannot be, scientific.

“A procession of the damned. By the damned, I mean the excluded. We shall have a procession of data that Science has excluded. Battalions of the accursed, captained by pallid data that I have exhumed, will march. You’ll read them—or they’ll march. Some of them livid and some of them fiery and some of them rotten.…The power that has said to all these things that they are damned, is Dogmatic Science. But they’ll march.” ~Charles Fort, Introduction to The Book of the Damned

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