The weather is slowly turning colder, which means that cold and flu season is fast approaching. At the first sign of illness, most of us will be Googling “How to get rid of the flu in 24 hours.” Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is an extremely contagious respiratory virus caused by the Influenza A or B virus. The virus attacks the body by spreading through the upper and/or lower respiratory tract. When it comes to flu vs. cold, symptoms can be similar, but the flu is much worse than the common cold. If you catch the flu, you are more likely to run a high fever, have body aches, fatigue and weakness, along with congestion, a store throat, coughing and sneezing.

If you don’t act at the first sign of symptoms, the flu can drag your body down for days or weeks. If you’re wondering how to get rid of the flu fast, the answer may lie in natural flu remedies. Read below to find out how to cure the flu fast without medicine:

10 Flu Natural Remedies

1. Vitamin C

The body needs Vitamin C to help keep the immune system strong. As a flu natural treatment, take 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C daily when you first notice signs of a cold or flu. When you are experiencing full-blown symptoms, take 4,000 milligrams a day.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced in the body when you spend time outdoors in the natural sunlight. Research has shown that low Vitamin D levels are linked to higher rates of cold, flu and respiratory infections. Take 2,000 units of Vitamin D per kilogram of body weight once a day for three days to help kick the flu.

3. Zinc

Zinc has an antiviral effect on the body. It also supports a healthy immune system. Take 50-100 milligrams of zinc each day to help treat cold and flu symptoms.

4. Elderberry

Elderberry is an herb that may have the power to rid the body of the flu and boost immunity. When you begin experiencing flu symptoms, take 10 ml of elderberry daily.

5. Chiropractic Care

There is a link between the nervous system and the immune system. Research suggests that chiropractic care may reduce the incidence of colds and flu by 15%. Regular visits to the chiropractor may help keep your immune st system strong enough to fight off the flu.

6. Essential Oils

Both peppermint and frankincense essential oils are known to support the immune system. Clove oil has the ability to protect the body against infection. Rubbing the oils on your neck and the bottom of your feet can help boost the immune system and speed recovery.

7. Probiotics

Probiotics help restore the beneficial bacteria in your gut. This in turn helps boost your immune system. Fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha, tempeh and sauerkraut contain probiotics.

8. Fresh Air

Indoor environments are often a source of concentrated germs and toxins. The dry indoor air during the winter can also make you more sensitive to viruses. Try to spend as much time outdoors in the fresh air as you can.

9. Enchinacea

Enchinacea is an herb that has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Taking it at the first sign of illness can help your body fight off infections. Drink 5 cups of enchinacea tea on the first day of symptoms, then one cup each day after.

10. Flu Remedy Food Items

  • Foods that are light and easy to digest are perfect for the flu. Bone broth, herbal teas and cooked vegetables are all flu remedy food items. They are easy to digest and they provide your body with the nutrients it needs to get healthy.
  • Be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water while you’re sick. Fluids will help your body flush out bacteria and viruses from your system.
  • Hot water with lemon, honey and cinnamon can help prevent mucus build up while keeping you hydrated.
  • Ginger has powerful medicinal properties that can help you kick a cold or flu. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that boost the immune system. Make ginger tea and add raw honey for an extra anti-bacterial kick.


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