Spices and herbs are awesome. A sprinkle here and a dash there can bring even the blandest of dishes to life. But that’s not all. According to many cultures, certain spices and herbs actually hold mystical properties. Plant these herbs in your home and, well, you’re gonna have a good time.

Read on to learn about 7 such awesome blossoms.

#1 – Basil: Prosperity


Basil’s name comes from the Greek word Basileios, meaning ‘king.’ Appropriately, historians believe it was Alexander the Great who brought basil to Greece around 350 BC.

Today, many believe keeping basil around your home will bring you wealth, luck and beauty.

#2 – Rose: Connection

All roses – regardless of color – contain some quality relating to human connection.

Keep red roses around your home to invite love and passion. White roses attract purity and unconditional love. Hang onto those yellow roses for joy and friendship. Orange roses will maintain fascination and enthusiasm in any relationship.

#3 – Rosemary: Healing


No article about herbs and spices would be complete without mention of healing. While many plants have healing properties, it doesn’t get much better than rosemary.

In the ancient world, people used rosemary to keep evil spirits and nightmares away. Hospital staff in France regularly burned rosemary to purify the air and enhance healing.

Having a rosemary plant handy will also allow you to pick leaves at will. Add those to tea or a dish and you’ll unlock these benefits:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased memory function
  • Protection from brain damage
  • Increased immune function
  • Improved circulation

#4 – Thyme: Elegance

Thyme, appropriately, has a very rich history. The Greeks associated it with style and elegance. You can never have too much of that, right? Keep some thyme around your home and you just might become the suavest of them all!

#5 – Cloves: Attraction


Got a date coming over for dinner? You might want to keep some clove around. Historically, mystics have used cloves as part of attraction, love and lust spells. Clove fragrance is also an aphrodisiac. Basically, your love life really can’t go wrong if you keep some clove around.

#6 – Mint: Focus

Students, having a hard time focusing on your studies once you get home? You can quit buying Ritalin (let’s be honest, a lot of people do it) and plant some mint around your house.

That’s because, according to research from Wheeling Jesuit University, the smell of mint greatly enhances cognitive function.

#7 – Sage: Cleansing


Ah, sage. We could easily write a whole article about this one herb. Oh wait, we have! Sage is one of the most mystically significant herbs of all time. People often keep it around to ward off evil spirits or unwanted energy. I know we’ve all got a few of those hanging around.

Check out this article for more information on herbs that can clear negative energy.

Which herb piques your interest most? Drop us a note in the comments and let us know which one you’d like to try! Find some more herb awesomeness here.

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