Parents send their children off to school every day trusting that their classes are making them intelligent, well-rounded and ready to conquer the world. They believe that their children are in good hands with their teachers and school officials, learning and growing while making friends. That’s why it might shock you to know that sending your child off to school in the morning might actually be stunting their growth and inducing depression.

Here are five ways that school is hurting your child:

1. School Teaches Children What To Think

Students might be learning in school, but they’re being told what to think, instead of how to think. They are not being taught to think logically and develop their own conclusions. They’re only being taught to believe everything they are told, whether they truly understand it or not.

2. School Teaches Children To Fear Failure

School teaches children that their test scores and grades are what truly matter. They are told to study in order to pass exams. Those who fail their exams are looked down upon and seen as failures. This teaches children to fear failure, a lesson that will stay with them for years to come. It can end up preventing them from trying to achieve new goals.

3. School Teaches Children Not To Be Creative

Children have a wonderful imagination. But when they’re in school, that imagination becomes suppressed. Following an artistic career path is usually not presented as profitable or realistic. Instead of expressing their thoughts and feelings through painting, music or theater, students are often confined to a desk in a classroom. They learn boring lessons that don’t help to cultivate their mind, heart of spirit in any way.

4. School Teaches Children To Associate Money With Success

Students are taught that their primary goal in life should be to earn a good salary. They are confusing monetary gain with a successful living. Children are being told to sacrifice their passions for a realistic degree that they can make a profit off of. They stop pursuing their dreams to go into a depressing and monotonous job, just so they can make money and be seen as successful.

5. School Teaches Children To Conform

Children are taught to obey orders in school. They are made to blindly follow what they’re being told. They are told when to talk, when to move and when they’re allowed to use the bathroom. This causes them to stop trusting their inner voice and stop thinking for themselves. School teaches children to conform, which can end up making them depressed and unfulfilled.

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