Most parents want their children to be happy and healthy. Sure! But let’s be honest, it wouldn’t hurt if your kid also turned out to be a genius, would it? Follow these parenting traits to foster intelligence in your child and raise little geniuses.

8 Parenting Traits to Raise Geniuses

1. Encourage Your Child’s Independence

If your child is struggling to tie his shoe, you might reach over and tie it for him, just out of habit. But to help your child learn independence, it’s important to let him do things on his own. That includes trying and failing and trying again. When your child does something on his own, celebrate his independence!

2. Allow Your Child To Make A Mess

If you instantly get stressed out at the sight of a mess, you’re not alone. But when it comes to raising an intelligent child, sometimes it’s important to let them make messes. Instead of nagging them about cleaning their room, let them live how they choose and explain to them why tidiness is useful. Over time, they’ll get the hint!

life geniuses parenting traits

3. Let Your Child Play

One of the best ways to foster intelligence, creativity and independence in your child is to let him be a kid! Let your child play, run and explore. If you’re constantly telling him “Don’t touch that!” “Don’t run, you’ll fall!” or “Don’t climb that, you’ll get hurt,” your child will end up being afraid to try new things. Letting your child play will help them be more confident in their adult life when it comes to taking risks and working toward their goals.

4. Celebrate You Child’s Success

Celebrating your child’s success can help stimulate his development. Whether your child colored a picture, finished a puzzle or learned to tie their own shoes, show them how proud you are at their success! It will encourage them to keep trying new things.

life geniuses parenting traits

5. Support Your Child’s Endeavors

“Mom, dad, I want to take drum lessons,” may not be something that every parent wants to hear. But supporting your child’s endeavors, no matter what they may be, will help your child develop his own independence and drive. He’ll know that you are there to support him while he figures out what his passion is.

6. Reward Your Child With Trust

When your child does something commendable, skip the candy or treats and reward him with trust instead. Explain to your child that you are fully trusting him to do a task all by himself. Your child will start to understand the value of trust, which will help him tremendously throughout his adult life.

life geniuses parenting traits

7. Give Your Child Freedom

It might be difficult, but giving your child the freedom to make their own choices and their own mistakes is an important part of teaching him independence, intelligence and creativity. If your child has a habit of coloring on his walls, throw up some chalkboard paint and let them draw!

8. Teach Your Child About Respect

Teach your child to respect his parents. If you are talking on the phone, make sure your child knows it’s not OK to interrupt. He’ll start to do things on his own instead of relying on you to do everything for him, which will benefit him greatly in the future.

You may find that these tips also help with temper tantrums and behavior issues.

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