Most parents have similar wishes for their children. They want them to grow up to be happy and successful. While many parents see education as the most important tool when it comes to their children’s success, there are other factors that may be just as important. The lessons a parent may or may not instill in their child at a young age can contribute greatly to their future success.

Here are six important skills a child needs in order to be successful:

1. Independence

If your child becomes dependent on you for everything, they’ll never learn how cope on their own. Teaching your child to be independent and self-reliant at a young age can help them deal with future obligations. Encourage your children to dress themselves. Teach them to tie their own shoelaces, ask them to put their toys away when they’re done playing. Be patient and let them make their own mistakes, and don’t forget to praise them for a job well done. They’ll gradually learn to do things own their own.

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2. The Ability To Be A Team Player

It’s important to teach your child to be a team player. This lesson will help them on the playground, in school and throughout their life. Teach your child that the ability to collaborate with others can lead to something great, but never compare them to others. They’ll learn to work well with others and how to pull their weight in a team environment.

3. Organization

Teaching your child to be organized at an early age will serve them well into adulthood. Make a chore chart, make sure they keep their room tidy. Establish a difference between their responsibilities and play time. Allow them to have plenty of time for hobbies, games and play time, but regulate it. For example, allow them to play outside after finishing their homework.

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4. The Ability To Take A Stand

You won’t always be there to come to the rescue. In times when your child faces a bully, is criticized at school or is looked down upon for their beliefs. So teach them to take a stand. Let your child know that their opinion matters. Encourage open conversation with them and resist being sarcastic. Let them know that words are powerful, and standing up for what you believe in is important.

5. A Strong Work Ethic

Instilling a strong work ethic in your child from a young age is vital when it comes to their future success. Don’t let them believe that things should be handed to them. Teach your child that it’s important to work hard and be dedicated to achieve their goals. Allow them to dream big, and let them know that with some hard work, their dreams can be achieved.

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6. A Quiet Attitude To Failures

The way your child responds to failure can shape their self-esteem and define their relationships with others. Teach them that throwing a tantrum when they lose is unacceptable. Praise your kids for their success, but don’t ignore their failures. When they do fail, try to discuss them and find the reason. Let your child’s failures be a helpful lesson, and make sure they know that you love them and believe in them no matter what.

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