Difficult people are everywhere. Sometimes it seems that no matter where you turn, another one pops up. At the office, at the grocery store, at the bank, they’re everywhere! If you don’t realize that you’re dealing with a difficult person, you might get sucked into their negativity. Just like that, they can ruin your day. Keep an eye out for common traits of a difficult person, so you can pinpoint them and move on without letting them bring you down.

Here are four signs you’re dealing with a difficult person:

1. They’ll Only Do You A Favor If You Do One For Them

You probably know someone like this. That person who is happy to do you a favor, but only if you do something for them in return. This type of person is self-serving. Once they do you a favor, they’ll remind you of it over and over again, then insist that you find a way to pay them back. This is a common trait of a truly difficult person.

2. It’s Always All About Them

A tell-tale sign that you’re dealing with a difficult person is someone who’s dramatic. They constantly need to be the center of attention. Every conversation is about them and they rarely ask you how you’re doing. They are egotistical, narcissistic and full of opinions.

3. They Whine, Blame And Gossip

A difficult person often whines about everything. They blame others for the situations they get themselves into, and they enjoy gossiping about people. This type of person is draining to be around and they can’t be trusted. They make up stories or embellish to make things seem more interesting. They’ll do anything they can to get attention.

4. They Always Play The Victim

A difficult person always plays the victim. No matter what the situation is, they want others to feel sorry for them. They refuse to take responsibility. This person will constantly re-tell stories to elicit pity and attention from others. They live and breathe constant negativity. If you’re not careful, they’ll pull you right down there with them.

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