Every once in a while, you come across a strong, independent woman who may give off an intimidating vibe. She just might be an alpha woman. Alpha women are confident, ambitious and they tell it like it is. They are used to taking charge but their power can end up being too intimidating for some, especially a romantic partner. For a significant other, it can be difficult to find a place in a relationship with an alpha woman. Here’s what an alpha woman needs to maintain a healthy, lasting relationship:

1. She Needs To Be Respected

An alpha woman will treat you with respect, and that’s what she’ll expect in return. She is confident enough to have respect for herself, and she won’t keep anyone in her life who looks down on her. She needs her partner to respect her decisions and to trust her.

2. She Needs To Be Challenged

An alpha woman needs excitement in a relationship. She needs a partner who will challenge her. She needs someone who isn’t afraid of a little friendly and harmless competition. An alpha woman’s partner needs to be able to hold their own.

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3. She Needs Her Independence

Independence is an important quality to an alpha woman. She is her own motivator, she works hard and she goes after what she wants. While she may love being in a relationship, she’ll also want to maintain her independence. She needs a partner who will respect her boundaries and allow her to make her own decisions.

4. She Needs Someone Who Is Trustworthy

An alpha woman knows that healthy relationships are built on trust. She might be strong and hold things together most of the time, but every once in a while she’ll let her guard down and be vulnerable. She needs a partner who she can trust with her hopes, dreams and feelings.

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5. She Needs Someone Who Is Willing To Call Her Out

An alpha woman is often strong and opinionated, but that doesn’t mean she’s always right. She needs a partner who is confident and secure enough to call her out when necessary. A partner to remind her that she isn’t perfect and it’s OK to make mistakes. Someone who can reel her back in when she get’s a little sidetracked and loses focus.

6. She Needs Someone Who Can Keep Up

An alpha woman is often running at full speed. She has an agenda, she knows what needs to be done and she isn’t afraid of some hard work. She needs a partner who can keep up with her busy lifestyle, someone who isn’t afraid of an intense, high-pressure environment.


7. She Needs To Laugh

Since an alpha woman is usually very work-driven and on the go, she needs someone who can balance out her life. She needs a partner who can bring a smile to her face, make her laugh and help keep her stress levels low.

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David Wolfe
David Wolfe
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