The third eye is viewed as a spiritual sign. It represents your capability to conquer the many challenges that life throws at you. Opening your third eye allows you to tap into your inner strength and wisdom. It’s a spiritual awakening that connects your body and your spirit. The opening of your third eye can be achieved through meditation and mindfulness. With this awakening, your inner guide becomes a more present guiding force in your life.

Here are four signs that your third eye is opening:

1. Increased Foresight

One of the most obvious signs of the third eye opening is an increase in foresight. If you are paying attention, you’ll feel a stronger intuition. You might get the feeling that something is about to happen. Or you’ll have a stronger sense of right and wrong due to a conscious feeling. It may come and go without notice, or it could get stronger and turn into a guiding process in your daily life.

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2. Becoming More Sensitive To Light

You may find yourself more sensitive to light as your third eye begins to open. You may also see colors more brightly. Vivid colors and awareness of light are not always obvious or overwhelming, but they bring greater awareness of what is happening around you. If you focus on your third eye during meditation, stronger lights may appear.


3. A Dull Pressure Between The Eyebrows

When the third eye begins to manifest on a deeper level, you may be conscious of a sensation between the eyebrows. It might seem like someone is lightly touching your forehead, or you may feel a sensation of warmth spreading. It may appear out of nowhere, or it may come through meditation. It’s a signal that you are being pulled back into a spiritual state of mind.



4. The Feeling Of Gradual And Continual Change

The opening of the third eye represents change. It can alter your perspective and your personality. The changes are beneficial. You may become more tolerant or less selfish. As your third eye opens, you may have the feeling that things are changing around you and within you.

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How To Engage The Third Eye

There are several ways to engage the third eye in order to encounter a greater state of mindfulness. You’ll be able to foster a strong sense of intuition and you may end up with a different perspective. Here’s how to reach a healthy body to soul connection:

  • Meditate
  • Be mindful of your senses
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Walk in nature every day
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Do aesthetic activities – Draw, color, design, take photos or allow yourself to daydream

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