You’ve probably heard of runner’s high, an adrenaline high, and of course, the kind of high you get from chemical aids. These different substances all leave you with that same cloud nine feeling that many people crave, that lets them let go and relax from the stresses of everyday life. People often use alcohol, coffee, drugs or even food to reach that desired euphoria feeling. Here are ten natural and healthy ways to achieve that on-top-of-the-world feeling without the use of any drug or harmful chemical.



Some may underestimate the power of meditation. When you allow yourself to settle, sit and just “be,” you can experience the feeling of a different state of mind. You can feel boundless or limitless, as well as peaceful and free. Meditating can give you that high feeling off of simply being yourself and feeling the energy around you.



Regardless of the genre of music or the type of dance, moving to the beat of a song that you love can be beautiful and freeing. Music can move you spiritually, even distracting you mentally while your body moves and sways, working up your endorphins and creating a sense of positive self.



Yoga can help you reconnect with your body, even changing your attitude and mindset drastically. A heated yoga class will give you that high feeling while you become relaxed and in tune with your body.

Mindful Breathing

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If you reach a point of stress or frustration, try mindful breathing to calm your nerves. Count your inward breaths as your mind will call attention to what is bothering you. Smile as you inhale, and release your smile as you exhale. It is much healthier than smoking and is just as effective to relieve stress and calm your mind.



When you exercise, your brain releases the same endorphins that drugs trick your body into releasing, but you will not feel sick or depressed when the feeling starts to wear off. You’ll feel happy, inspired and invigorated for hours after the initial rush. The more regularly you exercise, the better your body gets at producing this high.

Laugh for Hours


When you want to laugh, or you need a pick-me-up, whom do you turn to? Start spending more time with that person. Heartfelt laughter produces endorphins, and you’ll feel another portion of that high from simply spending time with someone you love. “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Get a Massage


Getting a massage feels great, but did you know it can also cause the release of endorphins? This is particularly true with a scalp or foot massage. Imagine the tranquil feeling of peaceful music and being completely relaxed. It is easy to see how a good massage can induce a natural high.

Eat Healthy Food


Eating healthy food can provide an immediate intellectual high in knowing that you are putting nutrients into your body that will promote health and enhance your appearance. It can also provide a physical high as your body converts the food into a strong and steady stream of energy. You’ll feel a sense of well-being and confidence.

Create a List of Your Dreams


We all have a bucket list, even if we have not actually put it on paper. Write down a detailed list of your dreams —all of the things you want to accomplish, the places you want to visit, the sights you want to see, the adventures you want to experience. Imagine how you would feel if you were bringing all of those dreams to life. Picturing yourself as already living your dream can produce a natural high and a feeling of satisfaction. Look at it as a way to get inspired, to push yourself to reach your goals and bring the feeling to life.

Take a Walk in Nature


It is easy to forget to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty around us. Go to a natural place near your home, like a beach, park or nature preserve and take the time to notice all of the natural beauty around you. Don’t use this time for critical thinking or problem-solving. Instead, clear your mind and be in the moment. The peace you’ll experience can refresh you and provide you with clarity and promote a natural high.



David Wolfe says he feels a natural high when he eats the raw, natural honey from his farm, Noniland, in Hawaii. We mentioned earlier about how good food creates a high, so it would make sense that the best food in the world, honey, would create the best high. Just a spoon full of this stuff can work wonders!

As David Wolfe says,

“NoniLand Honey. Fresh. Insane. Best high going!”

Here’s the best part — these natural highs are cost-free, easy to achieve, and they will not leave you with a hangover or depressed feelings after they wear off. They all promote health, wellness and happiness, so pick your favorite and give it a try.

h/t: spirit science
h/t: guru habits