An empath is highly sensitive to the feelings, intentions and motivations of others. They feel the energy of other people on a deep level that many don’t understand. Someone who is empathetic may sympathize with how someone else is feeling, but being an empath is deeper than that. An empath feels the emotions of others whether they want to or not. It’s something they have no control over. Here are 10 signs that you may be highly sensitive to the energy of others.

1. You Overthink

You may often find yourself completely convinced that there’s something deeper going on that can’t be seen. This is because you’re picking up on the motivations, intentions and feelings of others that most people aren’t as sensitive to.

2. You Constantly Feel Tired

You’re most likely worn out from all of the emotions you experience on a daily basis. Experiencing the feelings of others on top of your own is often extremely draining.

3. You’re a Peacemaker

You’re a natural peacemaker and you often end up making a compromise with your own needs or feelings to keep others happy. You force yourself to keep your personal feelings inside to focus instead on the happiness of others.meditate

4. You Have Mixed Emotions

You may be highly sensitive on the inside, but distant and reserved on the outside. You crave intimacy with others, but you rarely ever allow yourself to get close to someone.

5. You’re a Problem-Solver

When you identify a problem, you’re looking for a solution almost immediately. You hate to see others in pain or turmoil. You feel the need to figure out a way to change or fix the problem to make everyone happy.

6. You’re Creative

You are attracted to creative outlets in many forms. Whether it’s writing, painting, music or dancing, you crave a way to express your emotions. Being creative allows you to let go of some of the emotions that are weighing you down and it gives you a chance to relax and feel free, even for a short time.painting

7. You Experience Deja Vu

You experience strange coincidences more than the average person and you often get the feeling of deja vu. This happens because you are sensitive to your surroundings and often notice things that others wouldn’t.

8. You’re Not Close to Many People

Even if you have a large family or a big group of acquaintances, you are only truly close to a handful of people, if that. You want to be closer to others, but handling the problems and emotions of too many people can become extremely overwhelming, so you stick to a chosen few that understand you.

9. You Feel At Home in Nature

Being outdoors makes you feel at peace. The sunlight, the tall grass, the deep woods and the sounds of nature relax your mind and nurture your spirit.nature

10. You’re Constantly Searching for Answers

You find yourself always looking for a deeper meaning. You constantly search for ways to improve yourself or to learn something new. You crave a thorough understanding of many differnt subjects due to your inner drive for personal growth.

h/t: the spirit science