Words are powerful. They help us understand overwhelming, deeply-rooted emotions and they help start and destroy relationships. They start and end wars. Companies hire marketers who use words to sway your shopping habits. The same word—take, for example, the word ‘love’—from one person to the next can have a different association. Words can also tell you a lot about who you are. Certain words, linked to strong memories, are like keys to unlock the brain.  One way to locate those keys is with a word association test.

A word association test can tell you a lot about your perspective and personality.

In a typical word association test, a series of words are presented to an individual. For each word, the individual is instructed to respond with the first word that comes to mind. Freud believed that responses to word association tests provide hints to peoples’ personalities.

So, if you need help finding those hints, consider taking the quiz below.  It is a form of a word association test, but instead of providing a word as a response, you complete a word by filling in the missing letter. This particular quiz  will help indicate whether you are an idealist or a realist.  The two are almost like night and day.

For example, realists are clear-headed, objective, and are able to see both sides of things. They see the world as it really is and are able to sort out facts from fiction. However, at their worst, realists tend to jump to adamant conclusions with inefficient facts. Idealists, on the other hand, see the world as how it should be. They excel at seeing the bright side of life. Unfortunately, their great expectations often leave them disappointed when life doesn’t work out the way they envisioned it.

So, which are you? Realist or idealist? Do you see the world through rose-colored glasses? Or do you see things only as they are in the moment?

Take this word association quiz to find out if you are a realist or idealist:


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