There are a variety of guardian forms all around us, from our families, to our friends and co-workers. Sometimes, even, the best advice can come from a complete stranger. There are also more intangible guardians, such as our subconscious minds and supernatural or spiritual forces. For example, some people believe in the concept of a guardian angel.

A guardian angel is an entity that watches over a person, keeping them out of harm’s way and urging them towards the best path.

But, if you believe in guardian angels, you know we sometimes have to stop and figure out what it is they’re trying to tell us.Chances are, your angel might be trying to tell you something right now.

However, sometimes there are shortcuts! The quiz below will reveal what it your guardian angel is trying to tell you. Maybe you’re headed down the wrong path and your guardian angel is urging you to turn around. Or maybe your guardian angel is warning you to be skeptical of those who might try to take advantage of you.

Perhaps you’ve spent far too much time believing malicious lies about yourself.  If this is true, maybe your angel wishes to gently correct you. Or maybe you’ve been teetering on the fence about something, and your angel intends to give you a nudge in the right direction. It could be you’ve been holding back, afraid to act for fear of failure or judgment. Your angel might be telling you that now is the time to act!

Whatever it is your guardian angel is trying to tell you, this quiz will reveal the answer:


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