When you look at a painting, a certain color might stand out to you more than others.  Wanting to draw your eye to a particular area of the painting, the artist might have done this by design. But of course, art perception can be subjective. A color might be dominant to you because of what you most strongly associate with it. People have long associated colors with certain feelings, concepts and virtues.

And it’s no secret that your favorite color can suggest details about your personality.

For example, many associate red with passion, sex, love, anger and dominance. If red stands out to you often, it may indicate that you are a passionate individual. Or, if your brain most dominantly associates red with anger, maybe you are close to someone who struggles with anger control.

Orange is blatant and vulgar.  It can also create a sense of warmth and comfort.  In marketing, however, orange is often used to draw attention or to create a sense of urgency.

Of course, colors differ in meaning from tradition to tradition. Purple often correlates with royalty, creativity, wisdom and wealth. But green also has ties to wealth. And blue has connections with peace, order, and security, but again, people also associate peace with green.

According to this quiz, you have a dominant spiritual color.  Which one will it assign to you?

Take this color quiz to reveal your most dominant spiritual color:

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