You and these dapper gentlemen pictured below are in danger! Somewhere in the woods lurks a hidden assassin. But time is running out! Your forehead is beading up with sweat. Adrenaline rushes your system. You fear your thudding heart may give you away. He’s somewhere close by—you know he is—but can you spot him in time? The situation is perilous, but if he’s caught, all will be saved! It just depends: how quick is your eye?

Can you find the hidden assassin before he shoots you?

Look closely, now. He’s hiding somewhere in this vintage image. Remember, if you spot him, you not only save your life, but the lives of these dapper gentlemen as well!

The image originates from the turn of the 20th century and was part of a “find the hidden image” trading card company. It features a group of men, one of which is engaged in a dual. But where is his adversary? Perhaps he knows, or perhaps he doesn’t. Do you?

Can you spot the assassin right away? No? Maybe it will take you a minute or two, which might have been a minute or two too late!

If you spotted the hidden assassin right away, congratulations! You are in the rare one percent of people who can do so! You’re also a hero, of course—these fine gentlemen are forever indebted to you and your sharp eye!

See how long it takes you to spot the hidden assassin!

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