It’s great when you can take off for the weekend and stay in a nice, clean hotel room. But in many cases, the hotel rooms are anything but clean. Sure, it might look nice, at first glance. The bed is made. The floor is spotless. The glasses are sparkling. But at an Embassy Suites Hotel, a hidden camera caught proof that those glasses might not be as clean as you think.

In the video, the dirty glasses never leave the room. And what the maid uses to clean them is shocking.

She uses a glass-cleaner, like one you might use to wash windows, to spray down the glasses. However, what she does next is, perhaps, even more disgusting. To wipe the glasses “clean,” she uses a dirty towel, all while wearing the same glove she used to scrub the toilets.

And for many hotels, it isn’t just the glasses you need to worry about. For example, Fox News reports that the TV remotes are the most germ-ridden items in hotel room, containing dangerous contaminates such as E.Coli.
And this lack of cleaning is happening all over the place. A maid who works at a 5-star hotel in Florida confessed that when management rushes her, she cuts corners in her cleaning practices.

So, where can you stay without worrying about whether or not your room is truly clean? Real Farmacy suggests that instead of staying at a chain hotel, consider staying at a local bed and breakfast or a non-corporate hotel.

See for yourself the alarming footage of the disgusting cleaning practices caught on film:


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