Most of us know and adore Mike Rowe from his TV series Dirty Jobs. The man has done everything thinkable to show his audience that people work hundreds, if not thousands, of dirty, difficult jobs to help make life easier for everyone else. Great man!

In this short video, he works with a scientist to show us just how disgusting our bathrooms are. More often than not, I personally forget to put down the toilet lid when I flush. It’s just faster. However, when we flush the toilet, all the nasty bacteria in that toilet flies through the air and lands where we don’t want it, like on our toothbrush! (source)

Take a look at how Mike describes this disgusting scenario. I will be putting down the toilet lid from now on and I know you will too after seeing this.

Check out the video below!

Here is another version of the same test with very similar results!

Now, for all you germophobes now freaking out, here is another video that will help to put you a bit at ease. Not all germs are bad.

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