Everyone likes to be dazzled.  Sleight of hand magic, spooky coincidences, strange facts…they all leave us with some form of wonder. Even a fun math trick can leave you mystified. This is because from the time of our births, we go about the business of trying to figure out how the world works.

When we’re met with something we can’t explain, even a math trick, our brain goes into thrill mode.

The inability to explain something you’ve encountered implies the world isn’t as ordered and sensible as you once thought it might be. It might even be a little dangerous. In fact, magic tricks and the like activate the same part of the brain that responds to roller coasters and scary movies.

While this math trick might not give you the same level of thrill as would a scary movie, it might still leave you pondering how it’s possible.

Because this trick promises to not only guess the number you chose, but also your exact age. Follow the directions below carefully and prepare to be amazed!

You might want to grab a pencil and paper or a calculator for this math trick:

1. Choose a number from 1 to 9 (number = a):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

2. Multiply your number by 2.
a x 2

3. Add 5 to your result.
(a x 2) + 5

4. Multiply the result by 50.
((a x 2) + 5) x 50

5. If you’ve had a birthday this year, add 1767.
     If you haven’t, add 1766.

6. Subtract the year of your birth from the result.

7. You should get a three-figure number.
     The first figure is the number you chose initially, and the other two are your age.

Well? Were your results accurate? If not, be sure you did the math correctly.

Can you figure out why this trick works every time? If not, you could always enlist some help to puzzle it out. Or, you can indulge your mind and let it continue to ponder. Sometimes the thrill makes it worth not knowing!

Try this math trick out on your friends and family—it’s great for parties and other social gatherings!

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