Every once and a while, a group, organization, or individual decides to give away something they have worked extremely hard to create. One such creation is Bluebird Hill Farm near Bennett, North Carolina.

Bluebird Hill Farm is a certified organic farm and is the current home of Norma Burns. She produces herbs, specialty vegetables, native plants, food products, and a variety of crafts.

We grow many types of fruits and vegetables, emphasizing diversity and quality over quantity. We are always experimenting with new crops, trying to figure out how to make them grow here- things like lavender, ginger, hops, kiwi, highbush cranberries, and others not often seen in our area. Facebook/Bluebird Hill Farm

Although the farm is described as “small” it is easy to see that Burns had made great use of the property. However, she has decided to move to Raleigh and wants to leave her farm in good hands.

“To me, there’s no better calling in life than raising organic food. I’m looking for a like-minded couple who have experience and training in organic farming and are willing and able to put in the long days and hard work that farming requires. The only thing they don’t have is an actual farm. I want to make it possible for these new farmers to get started.”

The emphasis here is on the couple. Burns says the farm is too much for a single person to handle on their own.

So, how does one apply for such a beautiful farm?

All a couple has to do is go to this website (http://www.bluebirdhillfarmessaycontest.com/) and submit a 200 word essay about “Why We Want to Own and Operate Bluebird Hill Farm” and $300.  The property is estimated to be worth about $450,000. Not a bad deal for $300 and a couple hours of your time.

Send your essay by mail to Essay Contest, P.O. Box 851, Siler City, NC, 27344, USA.

The due date is June 1st, 2017 and the prize actually includes more than the home and farm itself.

  1. The winning couple will receive Certificate of title, free and clear, the Bluebird Hill Farm, a USDA Certified Organic Farm near Raleigh, NC. The farm has been evaluated at $450,000.00 US.
  2. If a sufficient number of entries are received, the winner will also receive $50,000 in cash to be used for transition costs.
  3. The winner will receive documentation on all aspects of operating the farm, including the organic certification process, and an introduction to Bluebird Hill Farm’s suppliers and community.

The winning couple will be announced around June 30, 2017.

If you have questions about the farm and/or the contest, be sure to check out the Bluebird Hill Farm Facebook page. Burns goes on their daily to answer questions for potential applicants.

Facebook/Bluebird Hill Farm
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