Mette Kvam, 81, has lived alone in her mountainside home ever since her husband died.  Understandably, life for Mette can get a little lonely.

But a week after her husband’s passing, Mette looked out of her window of her home in Aurland, Norway. To her surprise, she saw a pair of big, gentle brown eyes staring right back at her.

It was a hungry stag who had wandered into her yard.

Mette, instantly taken by the deer’s gentility, reached for some bread and went outside to greet the beautiful animal. She soon learned how much he loved to snack on chunks of bread.

She named the stag Flippen. To her delight, he returned to her window the following day. Since then, the stag has visited twice a day every day.

The human-animal bond, like that of Mette and Flippen, is truly remarkable. It is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship, resulting in a bond that is essential to the health and well-being of both involved. This includes emotional, physical, and psychological health—and specifically in this case—help with the grieving process.

Flippen, it seemed, came along at just the right time to help Mette deal with the loss of her husband. And Mette has provided Flippen with plenty of snacks and affection in return. Whether it was fate or simply Flippen’s hungry belly that led him to Mette, theirs is a special relationship.

Mette loves nothing more than to feed and visit with her gentle giant pal. Over the years, the two have formed a powerful bond.

And lucky for us, this amazing bond was caught on camera! A woman named Britt was hiking through the mountains when she came across Mette and Flippen. She filmed the heartwarming scene below.

Watch the endearing video below to see the special bond between Flippen and Mette:

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