Do you think of yourself as analytical? If you’re good at visual puzzles and employing logic, you likely are an analytical thinker. Naturally, analytical thinking lends itself to visual thinking, which gives you the ability to solve problems swiftly and correctly. It involves a systematic step-by-step approach to thinking that allows analytical people to break down complex problems into smaller and feasible components.

Analytical people can see the trees before they see the forest.

They gather information, identity issues and problems, then organize the information.  Analytical people excel at seeing patterns and breaking down information in order to arrive at the most logical conclusion. When it comes to visual games and puzzles, analytical people shine.

These are the types of games where you must scrutinize a larger whole in order to extract the smaller parts—games like Where’s Waldo, or like the numerous “find the hidden object” games available online. Analytical thinkers are good at these games because they can spot the smaller items within a larger image more quickly than their non-analytical counterparts.

This visual puzzle has four different kinds of animals hidden within a seaside landscape.

Want to try another one? Try to find the animals hidden here. Have fun!


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