This adorable little boy sees the Christmas display section of a store for the first time ever and his reaction is so adorable it’s priceless.

This little boy is having the time of his life in this department store. His mother has him in the cart and they’re walking through the Christmas display and her little one is in absolute awe of all the beautiful decorations. Every new Christmas decoration the little boy saw made his face light up with excitement. The little boy couldn’t help but contain his excitement and kept saying “wow” to the best of his ability at every corner.

The sounds of pure amusement and joy coming from this young boy are enough to warm anyone’s heart. If you think pictures of his reaction are cute then you won’t even be able to handle the sounds of pure joy in the video. Get ready for holiday cuteness overload because this toddler is crazier for Christmas than anybody you’ve ever met before. This boy will definitely be putting up Christmas decorations early and leaving them up as long as possible when he gets older.

The video comes from the Love What Matters Facebook page. The video is titled “Those first Christmas feels!” and it certainly does give you a healthy dose of Holiday spirit!

At one point he looks like he’s trying to contain his smile but it’s just bursting out! Check out his reaction to the Christmas display.

This little boy is in absolute awe of all the different colors, sights, and sounds his mom is showing him in the Christmas section:

This is by far the cutest reaction anyone has ever had to Christmas decorations:

Watch the full video of this little boy discovering Christmas decorations for the first time:

Source: Love What Matters