Delivering a baby is one of the most painful normal human experiences.

Even in a comfy hospital setting, it’s absolute misery. Can you imagine trying to give birth in a truck?

That’s exactly what a woman named Andrea wound up doing.

Just prior, Andrea and her husband were racing to the hospital. But by the time Dr. Brian Snyder, an emergency surgeon, got to them it was clear the woman was not going to make it inside.

The baby would have to be delivered right then and there, in the pickup truck.

Miraculously, Dr. Snyder was able to deliver the baby girl. By then, a crowd of onlookers had formed. They began cheering!

And then, Andrea’s husband looked his wife in the face and said:

“Hun, this is our new car! Our interior was special ordered! You couldn’t have waited 15 minutes?”

Imagine that! Of course, Andrea was having none of it. She took one look at her husband and whacked him straight in the face.

Check out the full reenactment from the show Untold Stories of the ER below!