The first day of preschool can be stressful, and no one knows this better than two-year-old Mila Stauffer! She and her twin sister Emma, from Arizona, have been the subject of their mother’s Instagram and YouTube videos  for quite some time. And the two tykes have taken the internet by storm! Mila in particular prefers the spotlight, and she certainly knows how to ham it up for the camera!

In one of her more recent videos, captured by her mother, little Mila talks about her first day at preschool.

And to say it wasn’t a good day is an understatement! While other little girls may enjoy the first day of preschool, Mila ranted about the utter chaos that preschool can be. Perhaps many of us can relate! However, Mila broke down her stressful day in the most adorable way possible. Her dramatic style is nothing short of adorable and hilarious!

“The teacher is shady,” Mila says of her preschool experience. “The kids are insane – throwing staplers, pooping everywhere… But I’m still alive. I get in my seat and the teacher is like ‘Dave, we don’t pee on our friends!'”

Both Stauffer twins seem to have an opinion about everything, and they aren’t afraid to let others know exactly what they think. For their age, they certainly are well-spoken, not to mention completely entertaining! Be sure to check out Katie’s other videos of her darling twin girls!

And in the meantime, watch Mila say exactly what she thinks of her first day hectic day of preschool:

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