When you’re in a toxic relationship, you’re often the last to realize it. Sometimes it’s easier for friends and family members to recognize what’s going on. If your partner is a pro-manipulator, they’re an expert at twisting things around and making their toxic behavior seem normal. When your loved ones try to tell you how they feel, you always have a rational explanation for your partner’s behavior. Taking a step back to look at common toxic relationship habits may finally help you realize how unhealthy your relationship has become.

Here are five toxic relationship habits that seem normal:

1. Getting Jealous

Everyone gets jealous every once in a while, it’s perfectly normal. In fact, you might even find a hint of jealousy attractive in your partner. But a partner who is constantly over-jealous is a clear sign of a toxic relationship. Extreme jealousy can turn into control and even violence. It’s not part of a healthy relationship.

2. Refusing To Take Emotional Responsibility

Shifting the blame tends to be easier than admitting that you made a mistake. Many of us have trouble admitting when we’re wrong. But if your partner is never able to admit their wrongdoing, there’s a problem. A partner who truly loves you would be more than willing to admit when they’re at fault and apologize for upsetting you.

3. Keeping Score


In a healthy relationship, there is no place for keeping score. A partner who feels insecure might hold onto your past mistakes and shove them in your face whenever they get the chance. They might purposefully do things to upset you as “payback” for something you did that angered them. If this sounds like your partner, you’re in a toxic relationship and it’s time to end it.

4. Being Passive Aggressive

Does your partner have a habit of dropping hints and expecting you to read their mind? Instead of talking about what’s really upsetting them, they might find petty ways to upset you, then feel justified in their behavior. If your partner shows this type of passive aggression, it’s a clear sign you need to move on.

5. Holding The Relationship Hostage

Threatening to end the relationship every time there’s a disagreement is a tell-tale sign of a toxic relationship. If your partner blackmails you by holding the relationship hostage in order to get their way, you know something is off. Emotional blackmail is a form of manipulation that creates unnecessary drama. It has no place in a healthy relationship.

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Mark Manson
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