There’s a wide variety in the spectrum of both introverts and extroverts. But even if you identify as an introvert, are you certain introverted is what you are?

The quiz below will determine if you are introverted, shy, antisocial or if you simply hate people.

Of course, you might be an extrovert. And maybe you don’t really feel like you’re an ambivert, either. There could be, however, other labels you fall under. Perhaps the case is that you are simply shy, meaning it takes a while for you to warm up to crowds, but then after a while, you love them. Or maybe you’re just antisocial? Of course, you could be a true introvert. Or maybe you just hate parties, but do alright in other social gatherings like conferences or malls, where the pressure to socialize is low. Or perhaps you indeed simply hate people in general.

While some may assume that to be an introvert is to hate people, that simply isn’t true. Yes, some introverts can also hate people, but even they most withdrawn of introverts don’t necessarily hate all social gatherings. Rather, it’s more that those extreme introverts, and introverts in general simply hate shallow socializing. They desire in-depth conversations about philosophy, books, art, personal dreams and goals and the like.

So which umbrella do you suppose you fall under? Are you introverted, shy, antisocial or do you simply hate other people? This quiz below will show you a series of slides, and each one will ask you to choose which color you most strongly correlate with a particular word. Your answers will determine which one you are: introverted, shy, antisocial, or a people-hater.

Take the quiz now to reveal which type best describes you!

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