You know that saying “you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince?” That’s true for women, as well as men. Some people find the love of their life at a young age. For others, it takes many years. If you’re lucky enough to find a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, hold onto her. If she has these nine traits, don’t let her go.

1. She Listens

A woman who truly listens to you should not go unnoticed. The love of your life should be someone who is attentive to your hopes, dreams and feelings. If she takes care of you, she is one to keep.

2. She’s Supportive

We all need someone to lean on every now and then. If you find a woman who supports you no matter what, don’t let her go. The person you’re with should be your biggest cheerleader, as well as a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen when you need it the most.

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3. She Knows How To Compromise

Many people have a stubborn streak. But finding a woman who is ready to compromise to make the relationship work is important. The only missing piece of the puzzle is that you have to be ready to compromise as well.

4. She’s Passionate

If she isn’t passionate about something, she isn’t truly living. If she has passion, that passion will seep into your relationship, strengthening your bond. Whether it’s music, art, her career or helping people, support her and allow her to live her passion.


5. She’s Kind

If she isn’t truly kind at heart, there’s probably no lasting place for her in your life. If you find a woman who is genuinely kind – to you, to her family and to strangers alike – don’t let her go.

6. She’s Energetic

A woman who is energetic, lively and always up for an adventure will help keep your relationship alive. She isn’t there to entertain you, but she’ll always be there to make you laugh.


7. She’s Honest

Finding a woman who is honest with you, no matter what, should not go unappreciated. If she’s honest, she’s also loyal, which are two important traits in a long-lasting relationship.

8. She’s Genuine

If the woman in your life isn’t afraid to be herself around you, it’s because she trusts you. If she’s willing to show you her quirks and tell you about her deepest fears and biggest dreams, she’s one to keep.


9. She Makes You Feel Like You’re In The Right Place

Have you ever experienced that sensation where you feel like you’re at home? You feel safe, happy and peaceful. If she gives you that feeling, she’s an important person to have in your life. Don’t let her go.

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