Pain from the past has a sneaky way of staying with you and bringing you down. It can create constant negative thoughts when you hold onto it in the back of your mind. But, you may wonder, how do you release attachments? Is it possible to feel whole again?

Unfortunately, emotional pain can be especially difficult to move on from. But keeping it with you can be even worse, holding you back from moving forward with a healthy life. If you’re holding onto wounds from the past, use these five steps to help you finally release attachments to pain.

Five Steps to Release Attachments to Pain

1. Tap Into Your Pain

Even if you don’t realize it, chances are the pain you’ve been holding onto has been affecting your thoughts and actions. Pain can create a negative environment in your body, soul, and mind. The first step to healing is to tap into your pain. Figure out what it stems from and allow it to come forward so you can begin dealing with it.

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2. Put Your Limiting Beliefs Behind You

Emotional trauma from the past can make you feel limited. You may fear change, struggle with self-esteem, or feel like you aren’t good enough for something or someone. It’s important to realize that carrying your pain with you is limiting you from living a truly happy and fulfilled life. It’s time to decide that you are good enough and worthy enough of inner peace and happiness.

3. Find Your Truth

Healing from emotional pain can be a long process. Part of that process is finding your truth. As you heal from your pain, you may feel like a weight lift off your shoulders. You may also feel a little lost, finally becoming free from this thing that has been holding you back for so long. Now, you must begin a journey to find your truth. Who are you? What are you passionate about? What do you believe in? Discover new goals and dreams for the future.

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4. Shift Your Awareness

The pain you were holding onto may have affected your perceptions of the world in a negative light. As you release the pain, open yourself to a new reality. Be aware of the people around you who care about you. Look for new opportunities or adventures. Know that your healing will bring about a new awareness.

5. Forgive

Perhaps the hardest part of letting go of pain is to forgive. The person who wronged you may not deserve your forgiveness. If that’s the case, do it for yourself. Choose to forgive in order to allow yourself to heal and move on. You have the ability to put the pain behind you and find true happiness. Forgiveness isn’t easy. It may even feel impossible. But it’s a huge step in letting go of your suffering and finding inner peace.

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