Narcissists are known to be selfish, conceited and self-serving. The only person a narcissist truly cares about is himself, so is it possible for a narcissist to fall in love? Most experts say yes, it is possible for a narcissist to fall in love. But are there reasons narcissists may not stay in love? It seems impossible for a narcissist to stay in a loving relationship.

Here are 5 reasons narcissists can’t last in a relationship:

1. They Need A Constant Supply

A narcissist uses other people. They might fall in love, but after a while they will no longer have any use for their partner. They will become bored and uninterested, and discard their partner without a second thought. Then the search for a new “supply” begins.

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2. Their Partner Will See Them For Who They Are

If a narcissist doesn’t end his or her relationship, their partner probably will. A narcissist can only hide who they truly are for so long. Eventually, their partner will become tired the complete lack of empathy, the manipulation and the verbal insults. This is just another reason why a narcissist’s relationships don’t usually last long.

3. They Always Want More

A narcissist believes they are better than everyone else. They think they deserve more respect, more money, more gratitude, more everything. As a result, they are never satisfied. Their constant “nothing is good enough” attitude keeps them from settling down and finding someone to share their life with.

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4. They Aren’t Realistic

A narcissist doesn’t see the world in a realistic light. They believe others should always be interested in their achievements and what they have to say. They expect constant gratitude and praise and they believe that the rules don’t apply to them. Their twisted view of the world gives them unrealistic expectations for relationships. In the end, the relationship never measures up to their extreme standards.

5. They Don’t Respond Well To Criticism

Relationships aren’t always full of rainbows and butterflies. Every couple has their up’s and down’s. When a narcissist is challenged, they lose their cool. A simple disagreement can easily turn into a full-blown fight. A narcissist will do everything they can to put the blame on someone else. They refuse to accept responsibility or any type of criticism. Ultimately, their attitude leads to the demise of the relationship.

Look at this from the other angle, and you’ll discover more reasons narcissists have problems with loving relationships.

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