Meditation resistance? Sure, any time you make an excuse to be anywhere else other than calming your mind from stress or anxiety, you are actively resisting all the benefits meditation has to offer. Enter tapping!

But first, why would we even resist meditation? Well, sometimes we resist the things we know would be good for us. Heather Jones – The Brain Trainer explains…

As humans, above all things we desire freedom. Our need to feel free both mentally and physically is our very essence. If we sense pressure or judgement, even if intellectually we know it would be beneficial, we resist. This is natural. This is the brain just doing its job by ensuring that our choices match our subconscious beliefs. These beliefs form our habits and behaviours and have been what drives us automatically for years if not decades. By resisting CHANGE the brain is keeping us ‘safe.’

Attempting CHANGE consciously is like trying to stop a speeding train. You need to slow that train of thought down first before you can reroute it towards another direction.

This is where brain training comes in.

Brain Training works on rewriting thoughts at the SUBCONSCIOUS level. Heather Jones, for example, trains peoples’ brains from one set of thought patterns to another. Clearing negative, fearful and limiting beliefs using a variety of techniques includes EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This is a powerful energetic tool which uses the same meridian lines as acupuncture to clear the build-up of thought-energy around the body and re-route thoughts on the subconscious level.

Here’s a video describing EFT and its benefits, as well as a demonstration:

This Is Also Called Tapping!

As a convert to meditation, Heather Jones shares an EFT process for her community. But even for me — I’ve been meditating for years — EFT still brings a lot of benefits.

Tapping can be for those moments where you don’t have much time but you need to calm your mind. Tapping can also be for those moments when you need to target a pain — physical or mental — but can’t bring meditation to bear.

Here’s another excellent starter video:

The mind is such a powerful thing, but this technique really works! I’ve been tapping on just about everything lately, and I feel unstoppable!

So do you want to mediate but don’t have the time? Clear that energy now with tapping!

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, give tapping a try today!

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