Are you creative, musical, emotional or philosophical? While you might inhabit all four of these traits, this simple quiz will reveal which one for you is most dominant.

By asking some simple questions about your preferences and daily habits, this quiz will tell you exactly what your mental strengths are.

And, of course, your most dominant mental strength is also the area in which you shine!

If you have a musical mind, that means you work and learn best in a music based atmosphere. If this is your result, chances are you were in band, or perhaps in a rock band, in your high school years. Both back then and today, you likely enjoy listening to music while you get ready in the morning, or while you shower.

And if you have a creative mind, it means, naturally, you thrive the most in a creative environment. You are likely in your element when painting, writing, sculpting, or even doing something as simple as doodling. After all, you don’t have make a big show of being creative in order for it to be considered one of your strengths.

Philosophical brains study a scenario from every different direction. These are the analytical sort who question everything. And then there are those with emotional brains, the intuitive folks who tend to go with their gut. All these brain types have their strengths and weaknesses.

So, what type of brain do you have?

Take this quiz to find out and share your answer in the comments!