The first object you see in this crazy photo will tell you everything you need to know about your hidden fear…

Everyone is afraid of something and many people don’t even know what it is. Most fears are subconscious, and it takes a little bit of insight in order to figure out what they are. By looking at this photo and picking the first thing you notice can tell you all you want to know about what your hidden fear may be.

Here is the picture – what is the first thing that you notice?

hidden fear

If you saw the little girl first…

Your fears stem mostly from your childhood. This can be anything and most of the time it’s something benign. Many things occur in your childhood which leave a permanent impression on you. These things can often lead to anxiety or fear later in life. For example, having an awkward childhood with lots of embarrassing moments might be the cause of your fear of social situations later in life. Children are so susceptible to their surroundings that many things that you go through have serious implications later on. Many of your classic phobias can be linked to simple childhood anomalies.

If you saw the butterfly first…

hidden fear butterfly

The butterfly is the ultimate symbol of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. Seeing the butterfly first means that you are on the look out for new opportunities all the time. This means that your biggest fear is the “fear of missing out.” Fear of missing out is a legitimate thing that a lot of people go through and it is completely natural especially in the age of technology. People have been using the term since 2004 to describe the anxiety associated with missing a good opportunity.

If you saw the strawberry first…

hidden fear strawberry

Strawberries for a long time have been considered the symbol of love. Not only because of its heart-like shape but because legend has it that if you cut a strawberry in half and share it with someone you will fall in love. The strawberry is also used to symbolize Venus, the goddess of love. If you noticed the strawberry first you are likely afraid of love. This could be the fear of losing the love you have or the fear of finding love in the first place and it is extremely natural.

If you saw the spider first…

hidden fear spider

The spider is one of the smallest objects in the photo. If you saw the spider first you have a keen eye for small details. This eye for small details, especially a spider, means that you are in tune with your survival instincts. You are secretly afraid of being insecure. Your safety is your number one priority and this makes you quite cautious. However, this cautious attitude stems from your fear for your emotional and physical well-being.

If you saw the trees first…

hidden fear trees

Trees often symbolize wisdom and age. Noticing the trees first is a sign that you are afraid of growing old. While the idea of being a wise old tree might be tempting to some the idea frightens you. You are afraid of becoming old and frail just like the trees in the picture. You rarely let people know your age, or count the rings on your tree.

If you saw the teddy bears first…

hidden fear animals

The teddy bears symbolize friendship. The fact that you saw these teddy bears first even though they were on the side of the pictures means that you value friendship very highly. Your biggest fear is losing a friend. During your childhood stuffed animals like teddy bears most likely gave you comfort and companionship. Now that you’re an adult you find that comfort from your friends and loved-ones and you’re afraid to lose the comfort they provide.

What you notice first in the images you see can reveal a lot about you, from your hidden fears to your dominant personality trait.

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