Depending on where you live, there are probably a few creatures you’re a little weary of seeing around your home. Spiders, snakes, scorpions, lizards… the list goes on. In Australia, there’s a good chance that some sort of wild animal is lurking around every corner. When someone or something broke into the home of a family living on Australia’s Gold Coast, they were shocked to discover the culprit: a giant python.

The snake apparently lived a life of crime, complete with a habit of breaking and entering. When the family found him, they noticed something strange – a large bulge in the middle of his body. They called local handler Tony Harrison who helped rush the snake to a veterinarian near by.

An X-ray confirmed that the python had swallowed something strange, but the vets weren’t sure what the object was. They decided to perform emergency surgery on the snake.

They were able to pull out the object and reveal what it was. A soft, brown and fuzzy… teddy bear!

The vets laughed at the thought of the snake trying to attack the teddy bear, but they were thankful they were able to pull it out. If they hadn’t, the python could have developed a severe infection. It could have even killed him.

The veterinarians sewed the snake back up with 15 stitches, good as new. He was kept at the clinic until he recovered. When he was ready, he was released back into the wild to find another snack. Hopefully, he learned to stick to his usual diet.

The teddy bear however, wasn’t so lucky. He was pretty beat up after his journey through the python’s stomach. After several washes, he was returned to his family, with a few battle scars and a pretty great story to tell.

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