A hungry snake discovered a tasty treat when he slithered down from a couple’s spice cupboard.

Once out of the cupboard, the snake helped himself to their fresh farm eggs.

Laura Neff and her partner Richard filmed the non-venomous rat snake as he stole a snack from their basket of eggs. The couple lives on a small farm in Charlotte, North Carolina, where fresh eggs are aplenty.

In the clip, viewed 3.8 million times since the couple shared it in June 2015, the snake looks unabashed as it commits its act of thievery.

“It got in through a hole in our laundry room floor,” Neff said, “which is now covered by a very heavy concrete block and which will soon be permanently plugged.”

She added that they let the thief finish the egg before they forced it to vacate the premises. And the couple did so by using two brooms to nudge him out an open window.

Rat snakes often find their way into buildings. The most common types of this snake in the state of North Carolina are the black, as seen in the clip, and a greenish-yellow.

Laura and Richard have securely blocked the hole.  With any luck, doing so prevent any future surprises for the couple.


Daily Mail