Empathy is a person’s ability to understand, be sensitive to and vicariously experience another person’s thoughts and feelings. Empaths are affected by the energy of others. They are highly sensitive when it comes to emotions. They feel everything around them, sometimes to an extreme. Empaths are usually creative, compassionate and spiritual human beings. If you believe you may be an empath, here are eight signs to know for sure:

1. Spending Time Alone Is Important To You

Empaths need time to themselves in order to recharge and de-stress. As an empath, you may still love spending time with others. However, it often leaves you feeling drained because you pick up on everyone else’s emotions and stresses.

2. You Enjoy Personal Connections

If you’re an empath, creating personal connections is very important to you. You crave genuine relationships and deep conversations. Small talk about sports or the weather doesn’t satisfy you. You enjoy true connections with others.

3. You Avoid Large Crowds

For an empath, crowds generate a large amount of energy. Empaths can only be in a crowd for so long before they become emotionally and mentally drained. Feeling different emotions from so many people can be extremely overwhelming.

4. You Find Nature Healing

Many empaths see nature as a form of healing. If you feel a strong, healing presence when you’re out in the natural world, you may be an empath. Whether you’re hiking, camping, paddle-boarding or simply walking through the park, nature has the power to recharge you and make you feel an innate connection to the Earth.

5. You Avoid Confrontation

Confrontation can be emotionally and physically draining for an empath. If confrontation among friends or family members feels overwhelming for you or causes you pain, you may be an empath. Empaths avoid confrontation as much as possible.

6. You Need To Practice Your Creativity

Empaths often use a creative outlet in order to express themselves. You may prefer drawing, writing, painting or playing music. Whatever your creative outlet is, you feel a strong need to practice on a regular basis. You thrive on creativity and feel at peace when you’re able to express yourself.

7. You Often Feel Overwhelmed Emotionally

Whether it’s anger, pain, jealousy or even joy, empaths often feel overwhelmed by all of the different emotions they feel. These emotions constantly pull them in different directions. If you have a difficult time deciphering your own emotions from others, you may be an empath.

8. You Seek Balance Over Success

Seeking balance ahead of success is a major sign that you’re an empath. Balance and comfort are more important to you than money and professional success. You work hard, but you also make time to do what you love. You’ll never step on someone else to get ahead. Your goal is to balance your professional and personal happiness.

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