While the length or style of your hair doesn’t define you, it does say a lot about your personality. Your hairstyle can give others a small glimpse into your likes, dislikes and and interests. Whether your hair is short, medium or long, you might relate to some of personality traits below. Whether you realize it or not, your hairstyle is sending subtle messages! Keep reading to find out what your hairstyle says about you!

1. Pixie Cut or Very Short Hair

Short hair or a pixie cut tells others that you are confident, social and flirty. You make new friends easily and you enjoy work that promotes intellectual thinking. You show integrity and self control, even during conflict. Every once in a while, your impulsive side gets the best of you and you act without thinking.

2. Bob or Above-the-Shoulder Hair

This hairstyle lets people know that you are straightforward. You always speak the truth, even when it isn’t easy. Unlike many others, you are able to find a balance between your personal life and your professional life. You can’t stand routine and you love to experience new things.

3. Lob or Shoulder-Length Cut


A lob or shoulder-length cut shows that you are feminine and sophisticated. Your natural beauty shines through to everyone who crosses your path. You enjoy being challenged and you’re a pro at making friends. You love to talk but you’re also a great listener, which helps you maintain your friendships.

4. Long or Super Long Hair

Long or super long hair shows others that you are careful and patient. You have big dreams and you aren’t afraid to let people know it. You enjoy being in long-term relationships where you can give your all, but you are selective when it comes to a partner. Your perseverance and drive helps you fight for your dreams and achieve your goals.

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