All human beings fit into one of four personality types. That’s the conclusion a study published in the journal Science Advances drew. For the study, researchers observed more than 500 people interacting socially and determined there were just 4 modes of human behavior.

There’s a bit of debate surrounding what to call these modes. Some choose to refer to them by letter, while others go with color. Today, we’ll be doing the latter.

So, are you a mix of a realist, introvert, idealist or extrovert. The answer to this quiz just might surprise you about yourself. Take this short quiz to learn something new about yourself.

In the quiz below, you’ll find a few simple questions. These will help pinpoint your exact personality type and the color it’s associated with.

Give it a shot!

What did you get? Would you say it was accurate? If so, be sure to pass this post along to your friends to see how they do!

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