Intelligence. Pattern intelligence.

Humans are naturally quite good at picking up on patterns in everything from behavior to images. Of course, in true human fashion, we’ve taken this knowledge and done our best to devise incredibly complex patterns that border on impossible.

Some patterns are so complex that only a true special agent could pick up on them.  It all depends on how sharp of an eye you have, or perhaps how sharp of a brain you have.  Believer it or not, the truth is the human brain is one of the most powerful computing machines in the world.  It has the ability to pick up on patterns, starting at an early age.

Furthermore, humans are able to take the patterns they see and quickly translate it in order to take concrete forward steps.    Intelligence, then, is the ability to store a massive amount of these patterns and use them again and again to solve new problems.  And only the most intelligent can pick up on the most complex patterns.

Take some of the patterns in the following Playbuzz quiz, for example. Take a look and see if you’ve got the chops to roll with the best of MI5 or the Men In Black. ¬† Do you have what it takes to pass this pattern quiz?

So, how’d you do? Are you fit to be a secret agent? Don’t think you’re getting a free Aston Martin outta this quiz, now. In fact, you know what? Let’s forget this ever happened.

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