An optical illusion dating back to the turn of the century has resurfaced – and it’s apparently still stumping most people who try it.

At first, the illusion looks like nothing more than a simple dog drawing. But the face of that dog’s master is actually hidden in the drawing. Can you spot it?

Hint – you may need to tilt your head a bit and focus on Spot’s cheek.


Having a tough time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have taken to the comments of Playbuzz’s post on the illusion expressing their frustration.

“That was actually hard for me,” wrote one user. “I’m usually pretty good with these.”

Another commented, “no, I didn’t find it.”

Ready to see the solution?

Well, if you turn the image 90º to the right, you should notice that Spot’s ear begins to resemble a hat. Underneath that hat is – yup, you guessed it – Spot’s master’s face.


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