Personality can be quite complex, but psychologists are constantly looking for a way to simplify it. While some believe there are up to 4,000 different personality types, others recognize five main building blocks of personality. In each of those broad categories (extroversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism) lie smaller, more intricate details.


It turns out that the way your brain perceives the world around you says a lot about your personality. When you look at a colorful image, what color pops out at you? When you see strange lines or patterns, does your mind automatically look for identifiable shapes or pictures?

While we can’t be defined by one personality trait alone, we often have a dominant trait that stands out among the rest. This trait could be anything from wisdom or courage to passion, honesty or kindness. While others might be able to pinpoint your dominant trait, seeing it for yourself can be a bit trickier. You true dominant personality trait might be a feature that you never realized you had. It could be something buried deep down in your subconscious that you aren’t really aware of.

The personality test below was designed to help pinpoint your most dominant personality trait. Simply look at each picture when it appears on the screen and answer each question honestly. Try not to second guess yourself! The quiz will be the most accurate if you simplify your response by answering with your gut instinct. So are you ready?

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