The dictionary definition of an introvert is someone who “generally prefers solitary activities to interacting with large groups of people.” This might be what you imagine when you think of an introvert, but there’s more to them than that. While it’s true that many introverts get anxious in social gatherings, not all introverts are extremely shy, and not all introverts stay in the house alone every weekend reading books. Introversion is often a misunderstood personality trait. If you know an introvert, understanding their likes and dislikes can help you create a stronger bond with them.

Here are six things introverts absolutely hate:

1. Crowds

If you’re lucky, you can convince an introvert to go to a concert or a movie. They’ll enjoy it, but what they won’t enjoy are the crowds. Standing next to a stranger at a concert who doesn’t understand personal space is somewhat of a nightmare come true for an introvert. They’ll be happy to be out spending time with you, but they’ll secretly wish no one else was around.

2. Talking On The Phone

Introverts don’t really enjoy talking without a purpose. When someone calls just to chat or see how things are going, they dread answering. If there’s a pressing issue you need to discuss or an emergency situation, feel free to call. Other than that, send a text or an email.

3. Noise

Introverts truly appreciate silence. They enjoy being able to hear themselves think and they find peace when the world is quiet. What they don’t enjoy is noise for the sake of noise. They don’t understand people who keep the T.V. or radio on 24/7 for background noise. They find it much easier to focus and be productive when it’s quiet.

4. Social Gatherings

This one is probably pretty obvious. Introverts hate social gatherings. Don’t worry, they’re usually fine with family Christmas parties, because they know everyone. This refers more to happy hour or getting together with co-workers outside of work. Being surrounded by people they don’t know well gives them anxiety. Introverts would rather hang out with a close friend one-on-one than attend a party of an acquaintance.

5. Being Told “You’re Too Quiet”

This phrase is pretty irritating to an introvert. There’s no such thing as being “too quiet.” Introverts don’t feel the need to say everything they think or share every emotion they feel. Other people are different, which is completely OK. But telling an introvert they are “too quiet” just because you behave differently is never acceptable.

6. Small Talk

Introverts don’t see the point of small talk. They view it as forced conversation. They absolutely hate feeling obligated to talk to people they don’t know, especially about things like the weather. Introverts actively try to avoid small talk and being forced to have a conversation with someone they barely know.

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