Every season has a set of associated traits, some overlapping, and some unique. For example, spring is full of sun, as is summer, and fall can be chilly, as can winter. But spring is often described as warm, whereas hot is the typical all-encompassing adjective to describe summer.

And while fall decorates the trees with warm, rich tones of orange, brown and red, winter welcomes the shade of white in the form of snow.

Seasons, whether beautiful or torturous (or both), grace the world with variety.

All this is generally speaking, of course, and there are many more traits one could use to describe each season. They change from person to person, depending on location. Some locations, for example, seem to only have one season: rainy.

And just as descriptions for the seasons vary, so do the people who describe them. But what if you were a season yourself? Which one most closely matches your personality?

To put a new spin on a James Taylor song, are you winter, spring, summer or fall?

All you have to do is take this quiz to find out!


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