Star Wars + Christmas Funk Display…WOW!

What would Christmas be without lights?

Indeed, the holiday season and heart-warming light shows have been linked since at least 18th-century Germany, where upper-class families would attach candles to Christmas trees. The custom soon spread to the United Kingdom, as evidenced in a journal entry by Queen Victoria in 1832. The tradition of Christmas lights landed in North America and Australia with the waves of immigrants from the UK – and the rest is history.

So yeah, Christmas lights have been around for a while.

However, are you tired of the same old, basic string of lights wrapped lazily around home exteriors and trees? Maybe your neighbourhood is like mine, with basically everyone that bothered to decorate looking like they picked up the same $2 string of lights from the convenience store.

But if apathy is all the rage this holiday season, I think one New Zealand family may have missed the memo entirely.

With the latest Star Wars film smashing all sorts of film industry records, I think it is fair to say this house just might be the most popular one on the block! Particularly with the hydro company, they probably love this family!

So enjoy this totally fitting Star Wars Funk Christmas light display. And have a merry one!