In an age where selfies and self-promotion abound, a backlash is brewing that has many of us asking, How can we express ourselves meaningfully?      

If we are spending more time than ever online, and on our phones, how can we create genuine connection and feel fulfilled?

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Justin Brown and Mark Bakacs, Cofounders of

With these questions in mind, two Australian friends left their successful careers behind and set out to build, with the purpose of uplifting global consciousness. Mark Bakacs and Justin Brown cofounded the platform as a place for idea sharing, genuine discussion, and a destination for those seeking to expand the evolution of humanity.

Discussions on Ideapod range from Paleo vs. vegetarian ethics to biohacks for happiness and the future of Artificial Intelligence. Key influencers who are already using the platform include Richard Branson, performance artist Marina Abromovic, and futurist Jason Silva of Shots of Awe.

The startup is now based in LA and holds regular salons with thought leaders, artists and entertainers who use the platform to hash out new concepts on the link between synchronicity and gratitude, reaching states of flow, and if we are alone in this universe — and that is just the start.

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What ideas do you believe are powerful?