Eight-year-old boys are awesome. That is the best way to explain them. I have an 8-year-old, and he gets so excited about the things he is interested in. He loves to read, draw, create things, and play with his Legos. When he gets in a groove, he can be focused for hours, and the outcomes are always amazing. (I love his original Star Wars ship designs.)

The little 8-year-old we are talking about here is exactly like my son. He just has a very different interest. He listens to crystals to learn how to use them to dispel or transmute dark or negative energy.

Negative energy is believed to be the spiritual cause of all the trouble in the world. Drug addictions, infidelity, or self-control are all controlled by negative forces found in the spiritual part of our Earth.

The Spiritual Research Foundation explains it like this:

“The negative energy sends a direct command to the subconscious mind targeting the instinct and desire centre. For example: ‘Drink alcohol now’, ‘Eat chocolate now’, ‘Watch a movie now’, ‘Listen to music now’, ‘Do drugs now’, ‘Have sex now’. As a result, the desire to act as instructed arises in the person and the person feels like doing these acts.”

One way to remove the influence of dark energy is with the use of crystals. Some recommended stones or crystals for removing negative or dark energy include Snowflake Obsidian, Apache Tears, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, and Rose Quartz. These can be placed either inside or outside of the home in key locations to promote positive energy. (Source)

This boy has taken this practice to a whole new level!

Check it out!

The boy says that he can hear the stones talking to him. (In a previous post, we talked about picking crystals and how the correct one for you will feel right.)

His youth and excitement seem to have taught him how to listen to the stones. They tell him where they want to go. And he can hear the big one (the one collecting all the energy) without even touching it.

Understanding crystals is not unheard of. All one has to do is understand the vibrations they are producing. The whole theory behind the practice can be a bit difficult to comprehend, but it is believed to be possible. (Source)

What do you think? True prodigy? Or overactive imagination?

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